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Reflections from a Supreme by Ayhelenk Reflections from a Supreme by Ayhelenk
From my

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“I´ve been a Supreme for a long time and yet sometimes I´m haunted by a certain question”

“Which question, Elizabeth?” asked Lobomon

” What´s the true meaning of being a Supreme? Is everything we´d been fighting so fiercely, for nearly an eternity the correct one…?”

But before Lobomon could offer an answer Elizabeth herself began answering herself.

“We are the ones supposed to make sure nothing interferes with each reality´s timeline, like their current plots or not. A Supreme´s task is to take care of the limits and at the same time willing to go beyond them. We are in touch with infinite events but we ought to  be jumping over them…we are the Wonderlands keepers…” and she let escape a sight “We are given this task because we are the eternal wanderers, we belong to everywhere and at the same time we have nowhere to go back…that´s the path we chose to follow through”


Lobomon passed an arm through her shoulders.

“I am pretty aware you watched your homeland reality being destroyed so reality 01 could be restored, am I right?”


“If you were given the choice to have your homeland back..will you take the opportunity?”


Elizabeth hesitated for a moment, but then she looked firmly to the sky and shook her head.



Her firm reply certainly surprised her digital partner.


“Reality 01 Omega´s the code assigned to my original timeline…and I turned into a Supreme in order to ensure it WON´T be back into existence. Despite it´s flaws, reality 01 is 1000 % much better than the paradox called once my home…”


“But it still hurts, right?”


“Oh yes, it does” she couldn´t help but shed a tear. Those were memories that would never leave her heart.


“Lizzie, you know…I will always be by your side. Ok?”


His words made her blush, yet she still managed to give a nonchalant reply:

“I still can´t believe that you realized I released you from the punishment ages ago and still insisted on staying by my side.Are you a masochist or what?!”

“Nope, just a guy madly in love with a maiden…”


Elizabeth blushed again.


“And I say it again: Not happening”


He blurted a laugh.

“Never say never….”

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