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Millennium Holy Angemon and Angewomon


They are none other than Nova and Ange's past incarnations, back from Universe 4 ( which is the Digimon Frontiers universe)

During the era in which Lucemon  was chosen  by Homeostasis (at least in my fic) as the holy peacemaker of the Digiworld...he brought an army of digital angels with him. 

Lucemon would pick, from the bunch,  a pair of angels that deemed the most virtuous and remarkable from all and granted them a rank as generals.

As proof of his acknowledgment, not only their powers were upgraded...their clothes were modified as well. Wielding   golden garments (and he was granted a cape) and other holy relics (such as the staff or Hope and Light) it was impossible to deny their ranks nor confuse them with the average Angemons and Angewomons.

When Lucemon was sealed by the remaining 2 from the Legenadry 10;  as soon as  Seraphimon, Ophanimon and Cherubimon assumed the holy duties as the Digiworld's   new  rulers, the former generals adopted the term "Millennium" as an oath of loyalty'

To make amends for assisting Lucemon's evil plans, they would  serve the Holy 3 for a millennia.  During their one thousand years stay in the Digiworld, they would assist the holy 3 in reconstructing the Digiworld and make sure peace would remain for good...

Once their time was served, they're supposed return to heaven

But 500 years later, this pair of lovebirds would give up their lives protecting the digiworld from an external threat: Quartzmon!

To prevent the monster from assimilating both the Digital and Human worlds, Millennium Angemon managed to open a Gate of Destiny and, together with Millennium Angewomon, forced the menace inside the Gate...but to prevent Quartzmon from escaping, the angels entered into the gate as well and sealed it from inside.

Centuries later, the Millennium Angels would be reborn in different universes. Millennium Holy Angemon was reborn as Takeru's first Angemon in universe 1 while Millennium Angewomon was reborn as a human girl in universe 12.

Fate, though, would make sure that they 'll meet again ...

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Once again, I am in awe!

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Oh. My. Data!!! I haven't seen them for a while since soooo many commission artwork from what you did in the past. Oh yeah, welcome back Millennium HolyAngemon/MagnaAngemon and Angewomon. I love the new helmet of MagnaAngemon/HolyAngemon, that way he is from the Ancient period, before the current take place without marking on their helmet.

Judging on your artwork, it like a kindle of love, before the separation take place on them when HolyAngemon is now Takeru's first partner before his replace comes along and Angewomon who is now Nova and somehow re-kindle on HolyAngemon since the outcome of Universe 12.

So without further a due, welcome back Nova and Ange of their ancient reincarnation. Welcome back.