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Millennium Holy Angemon - I


"Millennium Holy Angemon" in 2 variants , ready to bring up his holy assets into the stage

Once upon the time, he used to be Lucemon's most trusted general.

Eventually, he saw the light and learned the truth about the one who should had be the purest among all angels...but became a tyrant

And the day he fully redeemed himself, by fighting against Quartzmon inside the Holy Gate of Destiny...he whispered a wish

"If I'm granted a new life...I wish to be  reborn as a new digimon. I long for a new beginning...because...I am Hope..."

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Whoa, his new look is very holy from what I look at him. A combine between his priest form and his battle form into one. Very ideal combination that I like the most. Yes. I like it a lots. Yes.