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No kidding, tomorrow I'll be talking in a radio program :boogie: 
It's a New Age-style program (that I've been participating since a month ago, backstage mainly) and this time I'll be behind the microphone XD
What will I be talking about? Well, between bits and bits, I'll talk  about Deepak Choppra 's "Sincronicity" and "Seven spiritual laws of superheroes" books and how much of those you can find in the art media (like in manga and anime and american comics and series) and giving my own perspective.

The show'll be in spanish and boy! It's only one day away and I'm freaking to the bones! 
It will be recorded in a video, so if you want to amuse yourselved looking at me and hearing my strange voice (Praying my voice won't sound like Donald Duck!) I'll be later posting a link to the video.

The name of the program is Reality5.0, radio Dakota in Buenos Aires.

Please, wish me luck!!!

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A visit from Angewomon
From my digimon

This scene takes place a year after the Omega incident and Nova and Ange ´s relationship evolved from partners to lovers.
They finally went through all the way, discovering the wonders of love; it was like meeting each other for the first time while surrounded by a pink cloud.

And when she finally fell asleep in his arms, with a smile on her face Ange couldn´t help but surround her with his arms and wings.

"If time should freeze, I wish it´d be right now" he whispered at her ear "My Angewomon..."

He was ready to fall asleep as well when suddenly Nova´s body began to emanate a pink aura!

"That´s the loveliest thing I heard from you for a long, long time..."

Ange´s eyes opened wide when the ghostly silhouette of Angewomon emerged from Nova.

Floating above the lovers, an Angewomon with a staff decided to show up on stage and let escape a giggle of amusement when she noticed Ange´s astonishment.

"So you are real after all!" he said in a low voice. He could swear he caught a glimpse of her several times since the moment he was allowed back into the human world and partnered with Nova. For years he believed he was either daydreaming or having hallucinations because the female angel would only show up for mere seconds, each time. But now she remained still, sitting over her staff in a witch-lady style and carefully studying the lovers. Her figure gained more consistency and wasn´t as transparent as the other times.

Ange initially was going to wake up Nova but Angewomon shook her head.

"Not yet. If she opens her eyes right now, I´ll vanish"

The male angel frowned for a moment.

"I thought it was my imagination..." he looked at Nova and tightened his embrace, then he looked back at Angewomon. He recalled meeting several angels like her on countless of adventures but none of them intrigued him like the visitor "But this isn´t the first time I caught a glimpse of you when...when...Nova is asleep" inside his mind, the puzzle was beginning to make sense. Yet he wanted a confirmation " You two are related, aren´t you?"

Angewomon nodded.

" I am Nova and Nova is me even is she´s till unaware of this fact"

"How come?" he always knew that Nova wasn´t an ordinary human. Kabuki Sakuyamon once said she belonged to a rare type known as hybrids, human beings with digital codes embedded in their systems. And he , originally a full fleshed digimon in a previous life he also became an hybrid since his resurrection thus their compatibility was so good that eventually allowed them to become a couple in all sense of the word. Nova, in the past, inherited several codes from the Royal Knights before their passing away. Yet the codes she was manifesting right now were completely different from them so that could only mean...

"I am her Past and her Future" added Angewomon "This is me before I was reborn as Nova and at the same time this is the me she still needs to acknowledge before she awakens into her full potential...and our powers as well"

She gave a warm glare at her current self, submerged in a content slumber.

"This Angewomon you are looking at , in another time, almost succumbed to the grief of losing everything she knew. But when I was about to give into oblivion, destiny sent me a savior in the form of a little child...Magnus Takariyama" ("Angewomon and the child) she made a pause "I became so smitten with him that I chose to forgo my name and form and instead of dying, I was reborn as his sister"

She spoke with such sweetness that Ange´s heart felt a shake. It was an incredible twist of fate; both angels ended attached to the same soul albeit in different timelines and identities, Magnus Takariyama became a digidestined and after defeating a Quartzmon in reality 09, passed away only to be reborn as Takeru Takaishi in reality 01. Nova tirelessly looked for her brother , dying and resurrecting once in the process while Angemon had his own quota of death and resurrection while protecting his child.

After the Omega incident Nova had no choice but to put aside any attempt of changing Magnus´s fate and letting him go in order to respect reality 01´s original timeline, crushing her heart in the process. Ange also had to let go any wish of going back to his original reality and claim his rights as Tk´s original partner  and let another Angemon look after him (Angemon meets his human self II)

"I see" he said

"I´ve been waiting for you as well" she continued "Since we had already been partners, more than a millennium ago, in another universe..." she pointed a finger at him and Ange felt a burst of warmth on his forehead. Suddenly he was showered with images from a previous life, as a set of Angemon and Angewomon, serving a tiny angel known as Lucemon...initially the purest, the holiest angel of all only for him to carry on a campaign of extermination towards the world he was supposed to protect...

"Ughh..." he bit his lips, many of those memories weren´t pleasant at all! The little angel had no qualm on enforcing death and destruction in that other digiworld, declaring that neither human-type nor beat-type digimons were worthy of existing...

" PLEASE! STOP THIS!" a little girl´s image came across the others "ANGELS ARE SUPPOSED TO PROTECT EVERYBODY...PLEASE STOP!"(Switching sides)

Ange´s body shrieked.

"Shi...Shiz..Shizuka?!" memories from a distant past were coming back to him and among them a digidestined called Shizuka.  Yggdrasil was on the verge of self destruction and filled with despair ended summoning a human child hoping she could unite the tribes and lead them against Lucemon. "Oh Lord! what happened to her...?"

"Don´t you remember? The mission was accomplished" replied Angewomon "She managed to reunite the 10 and..."

"Lucemon was defeated" Ange was sweating nervously "The warriors died but she survived. The new rulers sent her back home..."

He sighed in relief, at least that child was safe and sane.

"Yes" sighed Angewomon. Whenever Nova was fully aware or not of her past life as Angewomon, her own actions in her first adventures were influenced by Shizuka´s. Shizuka Kimura´s determination to find her missing cousin was so fierce and heartbreaking that ended touching ANgemon and Angewomon´s hearts and made them switch teams, preferring to protect Shizuka instead of serving Lucemon anymore...

"And the we..." Ange´s eyes saddened with another wave of memories, when they sacrificed everything the got to prevent a Millenniunmon from destroying the recently rebuilt that time, he though he lost his dear partner for good and almost ...almost..."I´m..I´m so happy to see you again...I thought we would never meet again..." a tear rolled down his face. "Thank you for waiting for me...thank you..." and tenderly kissed Nova´s forehead. If he ever had any doubt about making her his partner for life, the doubts evaporated for good.

"You are welcome" Nova and Angewomon spoke at the same time, the first still asleep and the other with tears "I ´m so happy that you found the way to reach don´t know how much..."

Ange could only nod, such was the turmoil of emotions spiraling inside his heart.

"I just need to know something" Angewomon took a breath " I am pretty aware you noticed my ghostly presence...and about my current self...well.." she hesitated, unsure how to make the question. It was a delicate matter...

"I fell for her a long time ago" he smiled "Even before discovering your spirit loitering around. Hey! I think I loved her since she dared to boss me about how to deal with Piedmon!"

"You are kidding!" she exclaimed

"Of course I didn´t realize it . We were too busy exchanging words" he winked an eye "But believe me, I suffered like a miserable when she exiled me for 3 years to the digiworld!" The Quarrel by Ayhelenk

Angewomon couldn´t help but laugh.

"Oh yes, she certainly taught you a lesson" she decided to stop floating and landed on the bed. She caressed her other´s self cheek and satisfied with Ange´s answer, she decided it was time to go back to sleep " I like my current incarnation. I don´t recall having so much fun"

"SO DO I" declared him as well.

"Before I go" she looked at Ange "There´s one thing I need to tell you"

"What is it?"

Her smile turned a bit sober, she was about to give a warning.

"I said that I am Nova´s past and Future. Well, I caught a glimpse of the future and...someday the Past will catch up to us and it may not be a pleasant thing" she caressed Ange´s cheek this time "darling, my current me still struggles to move on. Please, shower her with plenty of love. She needs you as much as you need her"

"Of course! That´s a given!" he could walk naked through hell several times if only to make sure his beloved was fine

"She also holds on too much on her digivice. That´s not okay" added Angewomon "Someday she´ll need to part ways from it"

"How come?" he was astonished. The circular digivice was Magnus´s memento and Nova would rather die before giving it up. How many times did they argue because of her fixation towards her missing brother? Sometimes Ange felt jealousy towards the brother she loved so much but at the same time it was her determination on finding him what attracted him in the first place...

"The digivice is nothing but a clutch. Until she loses it, she won´t be able to awaken her true form...."

And those were Angewomon´s last words before rejoining Nova leaving Ange dumbfounded.
The Brother complex
From chapter XV from my digimon
Note: I did some photomanipulation in order to convey better the scene :)

The lad was just trying to be polite, of course. But the sister didn´t think so.

“May we take a picture together?” asked the girls at the same time.

“Why not?”

If he was the Tohma H. Norstein from 5 years ago, he would had told them to get lost. Instead, he showed another of his rare smiles and posed for a selfie session.

“AWESOME!” Lisette happily waved her cellphone, ready to boast about meeting one of the newest and hottest celebrities of the moment. “Danke! !”

And to express their sincerity, each girl kissed the young man on the cheeks. Relena´s goodwill sank to the bottom of the ocean, she couldn´t stand it anymore!

“Hey you two!” she hurriedly rejoined Tohma and, possessive, embraced him from behind “Could you please quit it?!”

“…ah…nice to meet you?” the girls wondered why the little blonde was staring at them with such hatred.

“Relena…?” Tohma ´s cheeks blushed , his little sister had the ominous custom of displaying her affections in public. Despite being half German, his Japanese blood still demanded for a more sober behavior.

“YOU SCOUNDREL!” Relena pointed her finger at her sibling “I leave for ten minutes and you are already FLIRTING with SOMEONE ELSE!”

“Wait..!” he barely could believe what she was saying “What…?!”

Relena´s eyes began to shed some tears.

“I am aware that my body´s far from being perfect…but…but” she began to sneeze, inconsolable “Just because they are D-CUPs doesn´t mean you have the right  to CHEAT ON ME!!”

Suddenly EVERYBODY ´s eyes was following the scene. From the passing waitress to the American tourists, in less than a minute Tohma Norstein passed to be from the youngest Nobel Prize winner to a soulless jerk who dared to break his girlfriend´s heart!

“No! No!” he waved his hands nervously “It´s not what it seems!!”

Maria and Lisette kept staring at him, dumbfounded.

“I discovered a cure for my sister´s illness…and she´s my sister!” he added quickly.

Relena hugged him tighter.

“We share a bond that none of you, girls, will ever dream to have. So please, if you are done with the photo session…may you leave us ALONE? NOW?!”

Maria and Lisette exchanged a horrified glance, they once visited Japan. And they certainly learned one thing or two about their eccentricities…or at least, they read some of the mangas. Japan was the land where, at least in mangas, you could break down some taboos…

“Ugh…yes, yes…have a lovely afternoon” Unable to hide their horror, they hurried back to their table where the rest of their female friends were waiting; they didn´t hesitate to share what happened at the Northstein table.

“Hell! That´s a messed up couple of siblings...!!”

Going through the net
This is from chapter VI from my digimon fanfic:


“Oh no, no, no” Elizabeth pulled her friend´s arm, quite serious ” Steve, don´t tell me you are actually STILL PURSUING  that girl! ”

“But Lizzie, my intentions are pure…”

“And it´s Springtime in Hell! ” added Logan, not buying his friend´s words at all “You’re the wee hen that never layed away!”

“You’re the wee jerk that never learns!”put a laid a her finger, accusingly , at her best friend´s chest “You should leave them alone!”

“Easier said than done”

” It´s not okay to go after a girl who´s already in love with her boyfriend. Even if the boyfriend is a reverenced twat” Elizabeth was deadly serious “Quit messaging her and just face it,  she will never fall for you”

But Steve Worthington shook his head.

“And I seriously doubt he´s much better than I. He´s been so nice towards Sora that the poor girl cried in my arms the other day” he declared “He´s been neglecting Sora and whethever you like it or not, I am seriously considering stealing her away…Ouch! ”

This time he received a kick from Gabumon.

” Well done ” said both Elizabeth and Logan “Despite your wings, you are a spoiled rotten guy!”


“You can´t have her and you know it”

“Can´t help it, I am in love with Sora” Steve wasn´t bluffing. He had strong feelings for her for a long time…years, actually.

Elizabeth gritted her teeth yet she tried to slam some sense to her friend.

“But you are pretty aware about the rules, Steve. You know that as Supremes we musn´t attempt to mess up with certain threads of destiny, we are supposed to protect their destinies…not change them to our convenience!”

Gabumon and Mihiramon said nothing but the winged tiger tenderly rubbed his head against her waist. Elizabeth was being vocal yet gentle. She really cared about her teammates and was most of the times the motherly figure of the trio.

“Well, ask Nova and Ange about OMEGA” he said in a bitter tone “Our destinies were altered enough thanks to their selfishness, dont´t you?”

The memories of that time sent the shivers to the friends. Of course the mentioned bosses offered several alternatives to make up for their imprudence yet in the end the brits chose to become supremes.

“Of course I´m aware of that” Elizabeth shrugged off the bitter memories “But that´s in the past. We made our choices and moved on. And you won´t prevent me from voicing my concerns about the CURRENT YOU and that so called love. That will bring you nothing but disasters…”

“Give me a break, mama!”

“As if!”

“Cut me some slack, please?” he insisted but she kept shaking her head”Just wait until you, dear Lizzie, meet LOVE. You´ve been quite good evading it so far but you won´t be able to do it forever. And once it BITES YOU, you won´t be able to fight against the feeling much better than I”

Elizabeth, as a good teaser, limited to laugh it off.

“I am Britain´s Top Cynic!” was her response “I ain´t having any business with sentimentality ! I have much more worthy things to do than worrying about love!”

“Amen!” teased Logan and Gabumon at the same time “Pigs will fly first before someone is brave enough to fall for Lizzie!”

Elizabeth limited to kick  both her brother and digimon´s asses....

Greetings from a bad boy
From my digimon
Note: I did a little photmanipulation is some parts of the car since I am not that good drawing and painting vehicles :)

Dedicated to :iconkymyit: because she loves 
 strange pairings ;)


The Reality VII Yoshino Fujieda, like her V counterpart, became a police officer after DATS´s disbandment. Now 22, even if there are no digimons in her life that doesn´t mean she has it any easier.

Not when she constantly has to deal with Kouki Tsubasa, former Byo-Hybrid digidestined and one of Kurata´s villain. He oddly took a liking to her since the first time she chased after him due to him recklessly riding his bike without a helmet.

Since then, he did everything to catch her attention and if that meant breaking the rules...

"WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING?!!" Yoshi yelled one day, just when she was about to have her lunch break. She was going to head to her favorite diner when she found out a shirtless Kouki sunbathing on her car!

"Waiting for you, of course" he smirked "How could I go around without having my favorite officer chasing after me?" and he shamelessly winked an eye at her.

"GRRR!!! GET OFF  MY CAR!!" her cheeks were red havanero , such was her indignation.

"But it´s so comfortable, brand new model isn´t it?" he kinda liked the vehicle, it was much better than the usual model.


Yoshi ´s eyes were the same as a furious tigress. How come she had the bad luck of being pestered by that insufferable fella?! A day wouldn´t pass when she, during her patrolling routine, would be greeted by Tsubasa-san and since he believed himself to be a Daredevil on wheels, she had no choice but arrest him..if he ever let himself to be caught! It was irksome for her pride as a member of the law that no matter how much effort she would put on the chase, he, like a cursed roadrunner would always escape in the end.

"Nice! "he stretched his arms like a cat "And why are you drooling?" he couldn´t resist his impulse of teasing her

"I AM NOT!" nope, she was on the verge of having a nosebleed. That jerk ´s anatomy was perfect ! He could pretty much become one of Michelangelo´s subjects had he lived in the Renaissance ...that chest! Those muscles...! Yoshi forced herself to unglue her eyes from him. God forbid her but neither Tohma nor Masaru ´s bodies could match his....wait! It wasn´t time to be appreciating that jerk´s six pack!

While she was struggling to maintain her cool, Kouki , in a feline way, jumped from the car and his lips greeted hers with a surprise kiss!

"YOU ASSHOLE!!" Yoshi greeted him back with a slap on his face "STEALING A KISS FROM AN O9FFICER?! I AM SO GOING TO ARREST YOU!!"

"CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, DOLL!" and like a cheetah he ran to his bike, conveniently parked a few metres from there and took off like the maniac he was.

"YOU BET I WILL!!!" and Yoshino did not waste any second and entered her car, ready to chase that fella "I´LL CATCH YOU NO MATTER WHAT!!!"

And like always, she began a frantic race against Kouki Tsubasa in order to restore order in the streets...

But Destiny had plans for this unconventional people, love was just right on the corner. And the day Yoshi would finally get her hands on him she would get more than a rebel without cause behind the time he paid his mountain of tickets he would had stolen Yoshino´s heart. Years later after their gunshot wedding they would be blessed with a son.

Higashi Tsubasa would eventually follow his folks´s path by becoming a digidestineds...

The Reality VII Digidestineds:pointr: Meet the Digidestineds from Reality VII by Ayhelenk

The Ride
From my digimon

Since the first time those people  set their feet in Odaiba High school , Taichi knew they were the synonym of “trouble”.

Instead of following the rules the newcomers would ignore them in a pretty British fashion. Elegantly scandalous, that seemed to be their motto. Especially Elizabeth Montgomery.

“I SWEAR I´M GOING TO DIE!” yelled the digidestined of courage in his most spectacular horrified voice “WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GET THAT HORSE, MONTGOMERY-SAN?!”

“Skipped classes, went for a walk and found the horse riding club ” replied the blue haired girl, nonchalantly ” GABUMON! DON´T YOU DARE TO PEEK UNDER MY SKIRT!”

” I AIN´T LOOKING!” the digimon feigned innocence, of course he peeked. How could he not ? “AND DON´T YOU DARE EITHER, GOOGLE BOY!”

“I AM NOT!!!” exploded Taichi but his face turned carmine when his eyes casually looked down and noticed the silky pink undergarment “PINK?! SERIOUSLY?!”

“HE SAW!” Gabumon exploded “MAY I KILL HIM, PLEASE?” the digimon was quite overprotective of his Scottish girl wherever she was a nutso digidestined or not. Of course she was 90% of the time plotting something and nobody, even her twin brother, was safe from her schemes. In terms of craziness, at her 16s,  she was quite close to Mirei Mikagura´s and Taichi Yagami and his troupe only saw the top of the iceberg. Gabumon did not like either Taichi nor the rest of the Japanese gang very much but the Brits were sent to Japan anyways in order to find out the current threat to both worlds, digital and real.

“Not today!” replied the girl “We are in a rescue mission!”

“AGAIN, WHY THE HORSE?” the lad was still assimilating the fact that his agumon was kidnapped by a rogue digimon and took off;  the next scene showed up Elizabeth  with the horse and the trio were chasing after the kidnapper. Everything seemed so bizarre that he was almost certain he was dreaming. But his butt was shaking so much and the ups -and-downs of riding a horse were too realistic to be a dream. And it hurt.

“Because I damn love horses!” declared the girl ” I ought to borrow this specimen more often!”

Taichi gulped. He was already dreading the upcoming future. They would rescue agumon and make it safely back to school, that part was okay. But he could also see the scenery waiting for them, the cops looking for the presumed stolen horse, the headmaster already being told by half the entire student population about Elizabeth-san showing up in the playground with the animal and picking him up…making him the unwitting accomplice. And having to stay in detention once again thanks to the actions of the exchange students from Great Britain.

” WHY DON´T YOU GO BACK TO YOUR ISLAND ALREADY?!” moaned the google boy

Elizabeth limited to laugh. It was so delightful bashing the glorious digidestineds from Japan…!






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Hey, Ayhe, I was wondering- since I love your artwork of Angewomon and Angemon, I'd like to do a little gift drawing for you, and it's one that'll include your two favourite Angel Digimon, along with a couple of my original characters. Does that sound okay?
Ayhelenk Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
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Well, it looks like I might as well share some story tips with you. First off, I have been hearing some criticism about Daisuke and Tagiru being considered idiotic Mary Sues. But I have a way to fix that. A way of redeeming themselves in the eyes of the fan base, permanently. Behold, the opponent who will force them to open their eyes to needing help from others and embracing their flaws.
Also, in my story, the Olympus XII are supposed to have major inferiority complexes about always being second best to the Digital World’s number 1 guardians, the Royal Knights, with all of them being rejected from the Knights due to various psychological issues.
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