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RPG Maker VX - TileA3

November Resource Staff Release on RPG Maker VX Community.
New TileA3 for RPG Maker VX. I hope someone has use of it.

© Ayene
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Nice! I want to use them for MV, should I resize it? Thanks.

Wish I could use these in MV. Doesn't fit in correctly.
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You have to resize the image using a image editor like gimp or Photoshop, so that it could fit for MV.
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I'm having trouble with these tiles. The pattern doesn't seem to stop, it just continues the whole square pattern
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Used on here for funsies~ Kaiden RPG Mode by Necroam  
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Thank you so much, i'm going to use it for my game, i will put your name in the credits!
Hi! Can we use this tileset for commercial use?
Sorry for my bad english :)
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Thanks for making amazing tileset Ayene-Chan !
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Nice Tileset! And very useful, too, since you captured well the RTP aesthetics. So, it would look good alongside others default resources. Great work!
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You make truly wonderful resources. I'd love to use them (giving credit, of course)
Only question is, how would I add something like this to a project's files?
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If you would like to use this tile in RM VX, put it in a folder Graphics/System in your project as TileA3.png. It will replace the default TileA3 file :aww: 
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Ah, I see. Thanks for the info. 
All this A1/A2/A3 stuff confuses me. I wish I was able to understand even half of RPG maker. 

Now I think about it, I don't really make games with it. It's more like I make a linear story with as few battles as possible. @_@ I'm so weird.
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I like your work very much,and I want to use it in own game(the game may be purpose of bussinesss).Can I used it in my project?I will mark your name in own game.Final,I am a Chinese so if My word is wrong,excuse me.I am very sorry。
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Yes, feel free to use my resources. Good luck in making your game :hug:
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Very thanks,And wish you good luck in life:D (Big Grin) 
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I was just in need of roofs too, this is amazing. Thank you, I'll just snag these.
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Just loving it!
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A great help for my game.....
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