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RPG Maker VX - Door

Door 'Character' for RPG Maker VX. Hope you like it :aww:

© Ayene
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Can I use this in MV? I'll make sure to credit you.
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Commercial use possible?
Rikkaayase's avatar
Can I use this for the game I'm making?? 
PikoroBeast's avatar
I'll  use these doors... but only if ou would accept an early copy of my game.WOOOOO Bumper Cars! (Bonnie Chat Icon) 
HopeOfDecember's avatar
If I credit you, can I use these in my game?
Keep in mind I plan to make the download free. 
I just want to make sure you are completely okay with it before I go ahead and do it. :)
PixieDustRed's avatar
I need a door for my game so can I still use it because I DO love your tilesets. I'm still looking for a refrigerator from the right side
Can I use these?
Fem-PrussiaFTW's avatar
So I tried using the door frame, but its too short by about 1 milometer >~< Is there anything I can do?
Yumeko-Hime's avatar
Re size it?
as long as its not to much it shouldnt ruin the actual image
Fem-PrussiaFTW's avatar
Okay, I'll try owo
lalc's avatar
Can I use this just as base for practice?
Just for to not get weird on movements, I will not recolor it or anything.
I can credit you too :)
Ayene-chan's avatar
Yes, feel free. Don't forget to share your work with us :aww: 
Pencilartguy's avatar
Thanks for this. I just got RPG Maker the other day on Steam. It was on sale.
PinkieTheAnimePerson's avatar
Can these be used for RPG Maker VX Ace?  I have been looking sooooooo hard for door tilesets on the lite version, and UGH.  *^*
Ayene-chan's avatar
Yes it can be use as a character also in VXAce :) 
PinkieTheAnimePerson's avatar would I apply it? Could you send me instructions in a note if you know how??
Kurysutoru's avatar
I want to download this...
GregMustache's avatar
These are gorgeous.
Mandolin77's avatar
THANK you! I've been looking everywhere for doors! :D
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Looks really good :3 Might have to use.
Phantomaang's avatar
You NEVER cease to amaze me. * A * I don't understand how you do that...
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