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RPG Maker VX/Ace - VX like XP Tile

New Tile for RPG Maker VX/Ace.

© Ayene, Enterbrain
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Gorgeous tile sets!! Very nice work and amazing quality - would love to add them to a game I am creating as well. All credit for use of this tile set would happily go to you!!

Amazing tilesets! I was wondering, Could I use this for a game I'm designing? I will, of course, be giving full credit for this tileset. 
Quick question, is this strictly to be used with RPG Maker only? Or can I use them on my GameMaker Studio game?
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how do i download this?
Just right click on the photo, then click "Save Image As..."
Amazing! may I use them for possible free/commerical?
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Quick question, I was wondering if I'd be allowed to edit these tilesets a bit? I plan to only use them in my game, and I will still give credit. I don't plan to distribute them either. The most I'd be doing is recolouring/ shifting the tiles so they fit on my map. I felt like I should ask first just in case.
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Now I know who to credit for this.
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wow i love details in it
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I love the couches most. The unique clocks and lamps are also amazing :D
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is this ok to use for a non-profit game by any chance?
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U can use for everything.. But credit her is u use this
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It looks soooo good! Can I use it for rpg Xp maker as well?
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nice job, I hope your tilesets might help on creating my rpg game.
I naprawde ja nie zartuje, the objecty som dobre
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awesome as always. I wish to borrow this tiles for my game. Can I?
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amazing thank you! I could use some of these!
do you by chance do point commissions?
Hi! Can we use this tileset for commercial use?
Sorry for my bad english :)
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That is so amazing!
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Beautiful work. The table spread is a fantastic touch.
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beautiful~:heart: ^^
Is this only for RPG maker? I really want to use it on other game engine
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