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RPG Maker VX/Ace - Inn

By Ayene-chan
Inn concept.

© Ayene, Enterbrain
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Hi! Beautiful work! May I ask which tools did you use to make your RPG Maker concepts? I would like to make some for my game... ;)
Akura123's avatar
for paralle mapping right Ayene
Datingsims01's avatar
thank you for sharing this! but how do i use it? i am still new to RPG maker VXACE
LukiaDeathstalker's avatar
I must confess, this was one of the best Inns I've seen! 
It's so well built, the roof specially and the 'cover' upon the tables, it has such an 'inviting' feeling :3 
That balcony, the plants. Loved the shades! 
Melisaficent's avatar
Wow, this looks so beautiful!
Shinus's avatar
I'll always be a fan. 
Amazing work. <3
Zafiro2jol's avatar
WOW, so it's you who makes those gorgeous sprite from a certain japanese game *wink wink* .
Well , i have to say you are really good  at it !
PurpleChaos's avatar
OOH, I love this! For some reason it feels very 7D.
Chriscuphog16's avatar
can i use? i'll give credits
lolke12's avatar
looks very nice :3
RavenInTheSnow's avatar
There are parts of this I really like and then parts that jar with me. I love the shape, the trellises etc, the little patio even if the tables look a little squashed in. The only part I'm really not a fan of is the roof slats, the diagonal planks look a lot thinner than the ones facing us, I get that they should appear thinner as we're looking in from the side but the points where the forward and side facing parts meet, shouldn't they meet?
Newbie-Archer's avatar
wow this is awesome! ;D thanks for sharing!<3
Alchimista93's avatar
Hi there! I really LOVE all of your tilesets and objects you created for rpgmaker that you posted on deviantart! Really, really LOVE. 
I have a HUGE question for you:
Am I allowed to use all of them in my commercial game WITHOUT using nor owning Rpgmaker?
I hope you say yes... *-*
ChibitaliaAph2's avatar
I really  like it a lot o0o
N0R0NHA's avatar
Veeeery nice!
troblsomtwins829's avatar
oh, so pretty~ ^^ all of your work is so beautiful, i hope i can sprite that well someday :3
darthneko's avatar
That looks great!
FlowerPalette's avatar
i love this!!!Heart Love 
Rocketai's avatar
So pretty! I love these tilesets :heart:
creaturenight's avatar
Zerphoon's avatar
beautiful, would look super cozy with a few lanterns on the tables and by the door
terrorchan's avatar
Looks so nice ^0^
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