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RPG Maker Trees

Self-made tree tile for RPG Maker :aww: Hope you like it :pray:

© Ayene
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very nice! thanx for sharing!
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Congratulations on tileset!
It can be used with commercial use?
PurpleChaos's avatar
love it! maybe just what i need..
goldypmu's avatar
Hey! I can use these as a normal sprite sheet! Thank you!
N0R0NHA's avatar
This stuff is very original!
nandacksoft's avatar
Really Awesome, can I use this for my game?
KajoCat's avatar
also Commercially usable ?
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Ah Ya, I can't find a Tree that's like these but by to  at size 32X96 X< Sorry if I am a Pain Today I am trying to make a Newer Vision of my Game this Time for mine and the others that I am doing for, The Character Sheet for each is the Tallness as 32(Wide)X64(Tall) X< U am just tried right trying to find one X< I am not even good making the Tree in Pixel either X<
streamer566666's avatar
But just in case I really Like Your Art and style X<
PS If you like, Just ask me anything and I will do something nice for you in return but no I don't have money in mine DA Account sorry X<
streamer566666's avatar
Never MIND!!!!! X< I was sooo Tried X< I wasn't thinking straight X< I found one but the it looked got me more upset X<
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^_^ Very nice set... I love it actually... but I have a question that I hope you can help in..

I've placed the trees on a map of mine, however if I walk north of where the trees are, the image of the branches/leaves remain on the bottom of the screen until I return back to them...

Do you know a way to fix this?
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you are the best ayene-chan X3
ZewiSkaaz's avatar
This is purely beautiful, you will surpass Celiana soon :D
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Ayene-chan's avatar
I'm glad you like it :aww:
ArtemxVx's avatar
I like it! very nice work!
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I feel... Trees :sun:
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