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Nature Tile II RPG Maker

Self-made nature tile for RPG Maker - Second Edition :aww: I was trying to draw real plants like roses, anthuriums, clovers, forget-me-nots etc. Hope you like it :pray:

© Ayene
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Wow! This is so beautiful! Can I use this?
:D (Big Grin) 
Are these free to take? If not pm how much it is.
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AMAZING! I love this. Plan on using them and if I do I will credit you and be sure to send you a copy of the game just let me know where to send it!
Awesome job. Can this be used in a commercial game with credit?
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Oops. I meant the folder labeled 'tilesets' not 'titles II', my mistake.
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I think you have to download the picture, save image and save it to the folder where you will find the other tiles. (you will find it in the graphics folder then tiles II if you are asking).
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Thanks, thisis beautiful! I love it.
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Thanks, this is beautiful!  I will give credit if used
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Congratulations on tileset!
It can be used with commercial use?
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I think you may have just saved an entire game project with these tiles...
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That's beautiful. How did you do that? And can I use them for my game?
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According to the graphic below the deviation, yes, as long as she receives proper credit.
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Wow, just wow ! :)
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Accurate drawing of plants and flower. Good job! Wink/Razz 
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Nice work, I'll be sure to credit you :heart:
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this is lovely. thank you for taking the time to create this.
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These are really good, I'm thinking of making a game and am trying to learn parallax mapping so these will really help when placing flowers etc, I'll make sure to credit you. 
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