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Constructive criticism is appreciated on any of my works (though I may not be able to go back and apply it depending). If you can inform me how to fix mistakes I've made that would be especially helpful!

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Lackadaisy - Patreon
I've recently left my job in the game industry so that I could focus more of my time and attention on Lackadaisy.  Patreon is my weapon of choice in trying to see this to fruition.
If more Lackadaisy comic updates, illustrations, tutorials, mini-comics, books and other things interests you, please do check it out!

Notes on Character Design
I received the question pictured below at my tumblr blog.  In case it's useful to anyone here, I decided to go ahead and use this otherwise dormant journal to share the article I put together in response.
Character design and drawing are tome-sized topics and even if I had all the answers (I don't - I have a lot to learn), I'm not sure I could communicate them effectively. Here are some thoughts an ideas that might help, though.
First, some general things...
- Relax.
Let some of that anxiety go. This isn't a hard science. There's no wrong way,
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Hummingbird Heart
Whir of a bird, weightless thing,
Plucking away on scissor wings,
Suspended beauty, quivering and sleek,
You fly to each flower, and plant a peck on each cheek.
Propeller seed pollinator,
Is your heart likewise like a drum?
Do your wings beat in time?
Is it your blood that we hear hum?
Wayward bird,
What is all your flower-hopping for?
Are your affections so fleeting,
Or are you hoping to find more?
Summertime sweetheart,
Although I hope you'll give me a try,
I fear your kiss will be not a lover's hello,
But a one-time's goodbye.
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Hand Tutorial 2 by Qinni Hand Tutorial 2 :iconqinni:Qinni 33,677 485 Draw this again 2012 by mellamelfran Draw this again 2012 :iconmellamelfran:mellamelfran 15 4
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Back to School

The air is crisp and the leaves are changing, which can only mean one thing - school is back in session! DeviantART is celebrating the new school year with an improvement-themed contest, inspiring interviews, and an opportunity to help those in need.

To celebrate artistic growth, we're turning one of deviantART's most popular memes, Draw This Again, created by the amazing *Bampire, into a site wide contest. We're challenging you to take a piece from your past and draw it again to show how you've grown. Use the template below to submit your past and new work as a single entry to the Draw This Again Contest.
50 Semi-Finalists and 10 Finalists will receive bundles of prizes. Details below.
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Music now on DA Pages :O~ (NO AUTO PLAY, YES!)
Embed YT Videos
Hey did you know all users can embed youtube videos now? Even non-premium users can, it should work in IDs too! and if you are a premium member you can embed compact players that look like this:
Neato! You can learn the basics of how to do compact players here. My main page now has some music for you to play if you ever want to EXPERIENCE THE PAGE IN FULL AUDITORY PLEASURE. And They DO NOT AUTOPLAY, don't try to get around it either autoplaying music is the BANE OF WEB DESIGN AHHH.
Of course you can also use it to embed things like speed painting or stream videos that you've uploaded to YT, but i think the music thing is a cute idea : D
I'm thinking about rotating the songs out every one in a while, but i don't think people actually go to front pages if you watch them anymore so i'm not sure if that would matter rofl.
Well, have
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Destiny is For the Birds by MichaelJRuocco Destiny is For the Birds :iconmichaeljruocco:MichaelJRuocco 104 17 Twilight by Delano-Laramie Twilight :icondelano-laramie:Delano-Laramie 2,287 70 Why shadows aren't gray by ArtByRiana Why shadows aren't gray :iconartbyriana:ArtByRiana 7,173 414


Nice work! I get the sense that he's smothering/controlling her, and you did a great job making the scene look uncomfortable. There's a nice sense of movement, contact and body language too, as you can see how Linda's reacting to how he's holding her. The form/anatomy is generally good, though there...

by ditto9

Looks really nice so far! I'm loving the head/back movement. :D I really like this little guy's design, and I can imagine this'll look wonderful when it's finished. In way of things that could be improved, there are some flaws with the followthrough. What sticks out to me most is the tail. In your co...


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Artist | Varied
United States

Hey there! I'm an animator, writer and tea enthusiast,
but I consider myself a storyteller first and foremost.

I make a comic called 'Lapse', which you can find here: If you like my work, please check it out!



Hector and Dante 1
Coco fanart dump. I finished this last December or January? Might upload more from this series later (which would fill up my ENTIRE GALLERY WITH COCO FANART I GUESS).

Here's the post on Tumblr for those of you who tumble:…

I know y'all are here for Coco stuff probably but I really only work on my comic lately so please check it out:
I forgot that I drew some other Coco stuff like.  A year ago.  Maybe I should upload it here.


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