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Constructive criticism is appreciated on any of my works (though I may not be able to go back and apply it depending). If you can inform me how to fix mistakes I've made that would be especially helpful!

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The Very Silly Day
Savron ate a cookie.  He loved cookies.  They were his favorite, especially the oatmeal almond ones.  He stuffed his face with another. “Mucho gracias!” he said in his suaviest Spanish accent. “Me gustan galletas muchas!”
“Oui,” said Jailen, a little terrier dog, "C'est fantastique!"
I couldn’t speak another language so I settled for, “WTF?”
Savron glared at me like I laid an unholy hex with laxative-like side effects upon him.  I gave an earsplitting shriek and ran for the hills.  Savron gave chase with a rusted spork in his hand, screaming Spanish obscenities like, “N’hombre!”, “Tu cara es fea!!” and “SU MADRE!!”
I tripped over a rock and landed face-first on my face.  To my horror, when I looked up, Savron was towering over me.  He held me down and I shrieked in terror.  He started combing my hair with the spork. “NO!!
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Dear Diary: Punk Rocker Jane
Dear Dairy,
OMG!! I met the most totally hot people ever, who I would so like to go out with today. Let’s see there was Bob, and Tom, and this girl, Punk Rocker Jane. Just kidding, Jane is a boy. But he’s still a Punk Rocker. I was so excited that I told my Mom about my meeting with Jane. The convo went a little something like this…
“Hey, Mom I met the hottest guy today.”
“Really? Who?”
“His name is Jane and he's a Punk Rocker.”
“Punk Rocker… Jane?”
“Yeah. Punk. Rocker. Jane."
“So anyway, I was in the cafeteria and these pervs came in and flipped my skirt. I was about to yell at them, but then Jane came in and started beating them up. He broke their wrists and their legs and then he started beating them over the head with a baseball bat. By then I was awed by his grace and sainthood. When he was done beating them, he took my lunch money, handed it to me and said, “Hey, you want a smoke?
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The Fight of the Underworld
The Fight of the Underworld
One dark December night, the ground was shaking in the town. So everyone got out of their houses and searched for something. The people of the town called the police. So the police came and started to search with their best technology, but frighteningly they couldn’t find anything. So the police called up scientists to help investigate.
So the scientists and the police started to investigate again. The police couldn’t find anything. The scientists did find something though. They said, “There is some kind of disturbance in the ground.” The freaky thing is that it’s not an earthquake. Everyone gasped in fear. So now everyone ran inside their houses and locked everything that can be locked.
The next day nobody felt anything. They all came out to see that there were huge cracks in the ground the size of a mattress truck. People saw that there was fire burning as hot as the sun at the bottom of each pit. The whole town called all special
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The Attack of the Imp Men
The Attack of the Imp Men
One dark and dreary December evening, a sudden rumbling surged though the city. Everyone was so surprised by this they left their houses (which in many cases would be a very stupid thing to do). The rumbling attracted many, including the city police. The police, joined by some civilians began searching for the source of the quake. Soon, finding the case to be suddenly pointless the police decided to let the crazy people (being the scientists, of course) handle it.
So the scientists and the few remaining officers began to investigate. The officers, who didn’t find anything on account of they weren’t actually looking, continued to wander aimlessly, while the scientists had finally discovered the problem. A group gathered to hear the men’s explanation. A short stub of a man took the stand.
“Uh, well there, uh seems to be a disturbance in the ground,” he stuttered dumbly. The crowd, including the police and the other scientists, rolled the
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Nice work! I get the sense that he's smothering/controlling her, and you did a great job making the scene look uncomfortable. There's a nice sense of movement, contact and body language too, as you can see how Linda's reacting to how he's holding her. The form/anatomy is generally good, though there...

by ditto9

Looks really nice so far! I'm loving the head/back movement. :D I really like this little guy's design, and I can imagine this'll look wonderful when it's finished. In way of things that could be improved, there are some flaws with the followthrough. What sticks out to me most is the tail. In your co...


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Artist | Varied
United States

Hey there! I'm an animator, writer and tea enthusiast,
but I consider myself a storyteller first and foremost.

I make a comic called 'Lapse', which you can find here: If you like my work, please check it out!



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