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Snow Wasset

Mustelinopsis sp.
The snow wasset is a fearsome critter of the far north, terrors of northern woodlands which are able to move through snow as easily as salmon in stream. Having the strange habit of hibernating in the summer, when it camouflages itself as a bush or mossy boulder, the snow wasset wakes in winter and sheds its limbs like a gecko losing its tail. Turning from a green summer coat to more wintry fur colors, it dives into snow banks and awaits prey, breaching the surface to snatch prey as large as moose and elk.

In the real world, the snow wasset was said to haunt the lumber camps of Canada and the northern mid-US. In Shifting Horizons, they are terrors of Griserland and Nunaruk, snatching many a dog or small child wandering too far out in open snow fields. This particular individual must be neat to changing colors for the warm season, as the beginnings of its legs can be seen regrowing.
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Cool depiction of the snow wasset! :) I always pictured them having little nubs for legs. :yum: