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My Little Mythologies

By ayellowbirds
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Just a few creatures of mythology and folklore, drawn after the My Little Pony style. Everyone says Scootaloo's a chicken: maybe she's part hippalectryon?
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I got 3 more Mythological creatures for you to add to your list:

1. Long-Ma - other wise known as the *Dragon-Horse* in Chinese Mythology it is often depict as a Winged Flying Horse with Horse Hooves, Dragon Scales & breaths fire, it's basically a creature that's half Horse & half Dragon(but on a genetic level, not a fractional level like Hippogriffs or Hippocamps, or Hippalectryons).

2. Tikbalang - in Philippines Mythology it's basically an Anthropomorphic Horse, a creature with the Torso & Arms of a Human, but the Head Legs & Tail of a Horse, another to put it is it's the Equine Equivalent of a Minotaur, plus it can run on 2 legs like a human or gallop on all fours like a horse.

3. Twonicorn - not entirely sure if it is from any mythology but it's still popular in many pop-culture medias these days, it's basically a Unicorn with 2 Horns, but is still it's own species away from Unicorns, it would also be wise to show a Twonicorn's Horns lined-up with 1 in front of the other, instead of lined-up side by side so that they don't get confused with goats or gazelles.
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Nice hippalectryon reference. 8-)
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They are fast becoming my favorite mythological hybrid :D
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I'm quite fond of them, too. :)
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