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Man of Steel by ayellowbirds Man of Steel by ayellowbirds
I did this for a contest, but realized I missed the deadline... figured I'd post it, anyway. The concept is to design a new costume for Superman...

I feel like one of the principle mistakes past redesigns of Superman's costume was the reduction of colors to a monochromatic scheme: the lame black post-resurrection costume just played into the melancholic whiner Clark became shortly after, and the electromagnetism powers and associated costume were just too much of a departure. In both cases, the classic cape was eliminated- big mistake, in my opinion. The cape may be an easy target, but it's also part of what makes Superman so impressive.

I've compromised by having a sort of double-demi cape/flowing scarf extension of the costume, which further suggests wings as well as the classic image of the old-fashioned driver with driving gloves and a scarf blowing in the wind. The lines are meant to suggest upward movement, and the whole fit of the suit is meant to evoke speedskating garments; this outfit more emphasizes Superman's speed and flight than his strength. I feel that impossible strength is a lot more astonishing when the character doesn't look overly jacked, especially since many artists draw these characters after the look of inflexible body builders.

The clear orange mask/visor evokes Clark's connection to the sun, and achieves the same job as his reporter identity's glasses: obscuring his features while still making him seem to be plainly showing his face. The open top of the cowl and additional "shield" accents draw on his Kryptonian heritage, and the hip-mounted shields draw the attention away from his chest-- again, removing the overly buff design with five foot-wide chest --to his legs, as well as adding some dimension. The shields are intended to be pouches or pockets, a useful place to stick the various clues and trinkets Supes may find during his heroics.
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RobynShini Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2008
...but....where's the S? I seriously would not have known this was a concept for Superman unless I read the comments.
...OH WAIT! It's on his hip...xD I'm cool.
I see where you're coming from, but even if it's a small S on the chest, it's something that people see automatically and identify as Superman. But it's innovative and I like it anyway. :D For reals!
ayellowbirds Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm honestly not a huge fan of centralized character insignias, i feel like it draws too much attention to the chest, making artists want to draw the pecs as massive as they can get away with... that kind of musculature wouldn't allow for much in the way of flexibility, and part of the point of Superman is that his strength comes from being an alien, not some beefy human....
Thank you very much :3
ShastaB24 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2011
But there is a tactical advantage to a large insignia on the chest. The Dark Knight Returns gave Batman's reason as that it draws gunfire, and he has extra kevlar there. For Superman, of course he's completely bulletproof, but I would think it would be a lot harder to miss if one aimed for the chest. Considering he would want to draw fire away from the innocents and towards himself, this would seem to make sense.

But that costume does look Kryptonian. It doesn't scream Superman to me, but I can imagine another Kryptonian employing it.
ayellowbirds Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
The idea of Batman's chest insignia drawing fire and attention is a bit older than that, but I don't recall where it first showed up. As far as drawing fire, I don't know that having a big symbol on his chest will make a significant enough difference compared to being the guy in a colorful costume who just flew down from the skyline.

That said, i think there's a lot of things i'd change about this in the future, having learned more about the psychology of color. I'd make it more red, for starters.
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June 16, 2008
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