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Batch of Crytters 2

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Following [link] - more Crytters, "Mons" based in North American folklore and stories.

Argopelter Crytter, Forest Type. Found in coniferous forests.
A Crytter of the woodlands, it fiercely protects its home by slinging broken branches from high above to spear and club intruders. Weaker ones can only manage to throw twigs and sticks, though lumber camp tales whisper of great ancient Branchurls capable of tossing whole trees. They have powers of aiming, climbing, and weapons-use.

Blue Stone Ox Crytter, Forest/Mountain Type. Found in northern woodlands.
Said to have been carved from stone by frontier Crytter masters in the old days of westward expansion, Blox are an old artificial race of Crytters. They have powers of stone manipulation, steady movement, and charging.

Zoog Crytter, Forest/Chaos Type. Found in strange groves.
Tentacle-faced Jibbers are believed to dwell mainly in a psychic dimension of dreams and nightmares, only occasionally finding their way through in places of strange and nebulous power. As Chaos Types, they cannot be controlled via ordinary Talismans, and choose their own companions. They get along poorly with felines. Their powers include stealth and perception warping.

King Dagon Crytter, Sea/Chaos Type. Location uncertain.
Legends in certain ports whisper of a powerful, ancient Crytter the size of an entire city, in whose squamous flesh sit queer and ancient ruins that seem but minor blemishes by comparison to its vast and strange bulk. If it exists, it would be a nearly unstoppable force; that tales tell of its status as a Chaos type suggest its inscrutable motivations and dark goals are beyond mortal ken. Old and eccentric seamen blame heavy storms and odd movements of unusually vast schools of fish upon this mythic figure. More horrible, perhaps, are the tales that it has a mate, and has chosen a mortal master....
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I want a herd of Blox... we would move mountains out of the way as we traveled to better pastures for winter.
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There's a story about Paul Bunyan where his camp got so cold one winter, that the fires in their lanterns froze.
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I am familiar with that... either from my obsessive reading of his tall tale as a kid or due to a cartoon/song...
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Ictherion is very impressive! And I want a branchurl!
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Branchurl can be very tame if you leave their trees alone.