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Bannedstory All Colours Body Sprites

By AyeLemur
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rip bannedstory
Before anyone mentioned,
Yes :iconbathtoys: has uploaded the complete body sprites for the basic 4 colors body.
To prevent misunderstanding (stealing work) i did not include the colors she uploaded.
Instead , i compiled all the different colours (a.k.a pink...yellow..)
But I doubt anyone would use these colors hehexd
The parts for all the skin tone are exploded, making it easier for editing process.
Please do not claim this as your own work, my friend and I did all the work compiling all these as well.
Thanks Angel :)
Though not much people can see this post I made because i don't have that many watchers ,or not much people will use these skin tones, but I hope any bannedstory user who sees this will share to others to help them continuing their bannedstory edits.
If you need other sprites [Example:Faces orrr clothes]. Do tell me and I will try my best to give it to you
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Thank you for finishing the compilation of the sprites. I am glad to know there are others in the community willing to help out.

I've linked this in one of my journals, if you don't mind. If you would like me to take it down, please let me know.
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Yes no problem at all, thanks for your help, it will certainly let more people notice the sprites.