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The Witcher 3: Gwent.



so annoying

(c) Andrzej Sapkowski, CD Projekt RED
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A greentext story:

>Be me.

>Be village endorman.

>Monsters from the nearby caves are attacking.

>mfw village has no coin to afford a witcher.

>mfw I realize I have some unique gwent cards.

>Post contract to notice board offering one of the cards as a reward.

>Other villagers ridicule me saying that no one will ever take such an offer.

>Become the laughing stock of all the nearby villages.

>mfw a witcher named Geralt appears a day later wanting to kill the monsters.

>I tell him where the cave is.

>An hour later the witcher comes back with the head of the alpha monster in hand.

>I give him the card as promised.

>mfw a witcher actually accepted a gwent card as a reward rather then coin.

>mfw all of the villagers had their jaws drop becuase I proved them wrong.