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Nine Princes in Amber

I still love this book
the Chronicles of Amber (c) Roger Zelazny
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Ok that comic-strip is 7 years old, i've just stumbled on it ... and it's actually really good ! The main characteristics of all these Amber characters have been well identified (which is not so easy with such a small footprint).

Would love a full comic about Amber with that style ;)

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Thank you sooo much!:) ❤️
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lol the greatest

Julien does not give a shit
Very great! 
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Come on Corwin you can catch him. Faster faster :D
This is great :) Just finished re-reading the books.
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I mean really now
i'm on book 7 of the series and you just summed up the first book
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haha I'm glad you like it! : )
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I'm going to show my dad
he loves things like this
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Awww that's amazing, thanks : )
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Как раз сейчас перечитываю книгу - и постоянно эта картинка перед глазами, попадание на 146% :)
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О, очень круто, что вспоминается)) я рада)
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This is kind of perfect :D
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Oh gods! This is hilarious, and absolutely spot on! I especially like Julian, and I don't think "U mad bro?" has ever been more appropriate... XD
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Thanks! ; )
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"~Take me hither, take me home.
The Path I walk is a path unknown.
Take me through Winter, Take me through Storm.
The Road to Amber is a Road I've known~"
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Автор, Вы сделали мой день! XD
Спасибо! :D
Это изумительно)))
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пожалуйста : ) рада, что нравится : )
The whole story in one cartoon, brilliant
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Now that's funny, plus it's pretty close to the characters.
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