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Welcome back to Elder Scrolls! I think the last Elder Scrolls thing I painted was Arvak which was quiiite a while ago. 

At any rate, I've been playing Elder Scrolls Online with my fiancee for a while and created a new character, an Argonian by the name of Chaios. We've started a roleplay with he and her character, and I had an itch to paint him so here he is.

His backstory:

Chaios grew up in Morrowind after being sold as a slave to work on Dunmer plantations. He suffered a lot of abuse under his master, of which most of his scars originate. He had fallen in love with another Argonian slave, Kaseta Pehrdaresh, who met her unfortunate end under the hands of their master when they were around 18/19. 

Emotionally distressed and angry, Chaios attempted to flee the plantation, unable to face the pain of losing his lover or serving under the elf which took her life. The plantation guards caught him before he could get far and brought him back, and when his owner was preparing his punishment, Chaios killed him, and fled the plantation once more, now a fugitive on the run. 

Unable to risk being in town, knowing every guard would be looking for him to the edges of morrowind, he found what he deemed to be a safe place to bed down for the night, tucked away by a river, hidden from sight. His peace hadn’t lasted long, though, for an old man approached him. He didn’t get angry or offensive, despite being a Dunmer. Instead, he had seen the fear and conflict in Chaios’s eyes and simply took a seat beside him next to the water. 

The two talked for a while, the old man questioning Chaios who answered vaguely.He offered support and wisdom, a kindness of which Chaios had never known. After gaining his trust, Chaios told the man what he had done—vaguely, and reluctantly. He didn’t know what to do. 

The elder told him to go back for his friends and free them, for they know what he has been through and together they would fare better than if they were each alone. 

The man sat with him for a while more, and in that time, he taught Chaios a simple spell to summon lightning from the sky. It was an effort to get him to manifest something—a lesson that he can do what he sets his mind to. At first, it only stunned anyone who received it. This ability would become stronger, the more he used it.

A few days later, Chaios returned for his friends, and they created their own tribe. In an effort to hide his identity, Chaios painted his face with a coal black pigment, covering a scar which would easily give away his identity. This would later become the skull mask he wears today. 

The tribe worked together for a few years, fleeing Morrowind altogether to avoid the guards and imprisonment—if not re-enslavement. They found work as mercenaries, often carrying out jobs together and splitting the gains. 

Chaios had been in a solo job, which was supposed to be a simple bandit eradication—nothing he couldn’t handle—but the jobgivers conveniently left out one major fact which he needed to know: The bandits were werewolves. He contracted lycanthropy during his battle. Luckily his first transformation was on his own, away from his camp, but upon waking up, he knew he couldn’t stay. He was covered in blood and remembered nothing of his transformation apart from the excruciating pain he felt before blacking out. He was a danger and a threat to his tribe.

As soon as he made it back, he packed his things and headed out. His tribe had been relieved to see him, and his sudden decision to leave the tribe behind hadn’t gone over too well with the rest of the members, but he didn’t know how to explain to them that it was for their own good.

From that point on, Chaios has been working his mercenary work solo, learning and honing his skills over the years, including controlling his werewolf abilities. 

This took me roughly two days to paint, and I used a model from Magic Poser (mobile app) to help with the pose and lighting. 
Done in Photoshop CS6 with a Wacom Intuos Pro and further adjusted in Lightroom because my monitor is trash and I have lightroom on my phone and was able to copy the settings on the desktop to adjust it to where it needed. If your screen is like mine, he probably looks pretty desaturated, but on my phone (which is more accurate color-wise) he looks fine.

Anyway, there he is! It's rare that I finish a painting anymore. I'm glad I finished this one.
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