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This is absolutely amazing! I can honestly say that I clicked on this because it looked awesome (the colour scheme drew me to it) and I...

This, hands down, is one of the best photo manipulations I've seen... and I've seen some amazing ones! The first time I saw the origina...


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Full scene with lighting and depth. Longest to complete.
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If any of my followers are still active here, and you want to keep up with my art or keep in contact with me, here are ways you can do that!

Follow me on Instagram: @seventhsealstudio 
Find me on Kik: ayedeas (Picture of a glitched out John Marston)

I used to chat with a few od you regularly on here and I miss you, so if any of you see this (even if we didn't talk often!) please feel free to follow/find me there! I don't check DeviantArt much anymore so I often don't see comments until months after the fact.
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Just popping in to give a little update since I haven't been very active on the art front of things. I do hop on every day to check notifications and make sure I'm not missing anyone's comments, but as far as art goes, I haven't really been posting much.

I'm still in Ohio, and I suspect I will be here a few more days. I plan to call my uncle and see when he plans to go south for Thanksgiving, so I can hopefully - finally - hitch a ride. 

Anyway, mum and I have started shopping for college and I have a dressage saddle waiting at home for me when I get back (as well as a mystery package from Breyer! Donno what's in it!) I found a Crosby Dressage saddle on ebay for $200, with $24 shipping. Not bad, considering most of the used saddles I found were going for way more (and I couldn't see anything wrong with the saddle from the pictures in the ad and the pictures the seller sent me per request.) I showed it to mum, she said, "Well shit, for $200, let's bid!" I handed her my phone, she bid, we won. Never got outbid. We had maybe 10 hours left on the auction when we bid, so I had boosted the max bid just in case I fell asleep and someone tried sniping it, but that was never the case. 

So, the saddle is at home now, still in the box. It should be in my room right now since Dad said he would put it there, so I'm really excited to get home and open it!

I have a list of the things I need for college and that's one thing I can mark off. 

Mum and I filled out my enrollment application last night and she took it with her to work today so she should be mailing it out today. I've been keeping in contact with the admissions advisor (she gave us the tour when we visited the campus) and she seems excited that I am enrolling for March! (I mean she should be, it's literally her job to get people to come to the school, but she seems like a cheery person regardless.) 

My mum and stepdad are really excited about this, too. Mum is working on helping me get the stuff that I need (breeches, boots, a new riding helmet since mine's taken too many falls with me in it, stuff for my dorm, and the rest of the stuff on my list for the horses) and my stepdad is focused on getting stuff for my dorm like a mini fridge and a microwave, as well as talking about building me a tack locker for my tack. Mum talked about getting me a laptop since mine took a shit, and ugh <3

I've decided on the classes I'll be taking while I'm there: Horse Training, Leatherworking, and Farrier craftsmanship, along with Dressage and Jumping. I'm super excited to ride, but I'm also possibly way too excited for that leatherworking class. I was thinking about taking training, teaching, and farrier, but I walked into the leatherworking class, saw the projects the students were working on, and was like, "SIGN ME UP." (I may have mentioned it in my last journal, but the stuff the students were making is a lot better quality than the stuff I find at my local tack store. And this is completely hand-made.)

Also on a side note, mum mentioned looking for a Wacom Intuos Pro for my birthday. I mentioned to her that I would love to have one, and she said she's been keeping an eye on amazon prices and stuff to see if there will be a price drop. If she does get one, oh my Lord I will be so happy. I've missed my old intuos (Intuos 2 - my first tablet!) especially since the bamboo tablets I've been using don't have nearly the level of freedom with their pressure and tilt sensitivities (or lack thereof.) So, fingers crossed for that, though honestly I don't mind if I don't get anything for my birthday or christmas since they're buying my stuff for college. But ah, the thought of having one <3

So yeah, nothing really new on my end, just kinda existing :) 

I don't know how many people will see this, so if you read this, how have you been? 
  • Listening to: Weight of the World - Shayfer James
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  • Watching: YouTube videos
  • Playing: StarStable - Pumpkin Meadow server
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Hello everyone! I am a self taught artist born outside Toledo, Ohio. All my life I've loved horses, and in everything I did, I found a way to incorporate them into it. Now that I'm out of school, I've turned them into my full-time job.

When I was in 6th grade I completed my first custom model horse, and have been customizing ever since. Now, thanks to a little inspiration from one of my favourite artists, I specialize in zombie model horses!

Realism, physical plausibility, and anatomical correctness are my main focus when creating these models, and I try to follow the laws of physics and biology as best as I can to bring out the most realistic undead equine I can muster.

I do paint portraits and models of real horses, too, and work on those in-between my zombie cool-downs so if zombies aren't your thing, fret not! Plenty of "real" equines will be in my gallery and shop as well!



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