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AyeAyeRememberance by AyeAye12

oh, BlackBowfin , DC-26 , you lovely lovely lovelies, 2 too kind. 

well, first of all, you can find me on Twitter , or feel free to private message me here for Facebook if you are inclined/close
i am v much still alive & kicking & working my butt off to make writing my central Thing before i graduate (aH)

I wanted to find a hyper-obscure term for, like, the type of neuron that specifically deals with time, a term that I used in a palladium-smoothie """play""" ages ago, but couldn't find it. Did go back into a wormhole and found myself back here, though! I feel I should have something more profound to say about all this, but I will just shelve said salience for when I do a writing project about digital communities &c&c (a general procrastination mechanism I employ a lot, lol)  

so anyway, here's me:

-i'm now 20

-i'm about to finish my 3rd year of a 4-year English literature course 

-i am regularly performing at the open mic scene here in [Uni City] [which honestly you can easily infer from my Twitter account so keeping up the secrecy here is strange but o well] - i have shows this evening, one on April 5th, one in London on the 19th, and another on may 21st that i am organising

-i am starting to get paid of my work!!!!!!! i was invited to speak on a panel in Glasgow back in November, and a did a spoken-word headline gig thing back in January. stupefying and also reassuring  

-i have a novel i finished in 1st year & have been sending to places (going to start Phase 2 of that soon, yikes)

-i have a feature-length screenplay me and a friend are going to start pitching to studios

-i have a short-film screenplay me and a friend are going to make (she just directed a short series for BBC iPlayer, she's incredible)

-i had my first staged play back at the end of February in Glasgow

-i lived in Dublin for four months as part of uni; traveled around Ireland & met cool Trinity people (might be back there in summer, performing for a literary festival)

-trickling into magazines, slowly and very VERY steadily ( :| )

-worked at the Edinburgh Book Festival '18 as bookseller

-i got an analog synthesiser! Korg Monologue 

-started an arts collective in [Uni City] with friends. we've done events with cool BigBoi Scottish writer people, local festivals; we've done flat parties (including one where a friend & experimental electronic musician & live drummer for Kero Kero Bonito(???????) DJ'd); got a magazine in the works (we have entries, we just need to, uh, do the rest); planning a film festival; etc. Lots of fun! and work!!! ah!!!!! but i had a meeting with someone from National Theatre of Scotland when they came up to [Uni City] just at the start of the month, so i think it's paying off, lol

And in case this all seems like I'm doing far too well/boasting - I am very broke, broken-hearted by Bois, surrounded by far too many books i am reading far too slow, my chronic eczema flares up in the most wild and disgusting ways if I'm not careful and, despite it being 1:20pm, i have still not left my bed.

I really want to collate the best pieces from my DA trifecta and maybe, like, self-publish it? would be nice to have a comprehensive & curated Thing of this period of my writing, yknow

ah, i miss the free-form of writing a DA journal. nothing quite like it. 
&of love to you all ofc xxxx

how are you all doing?


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Artist | Student | Literature
United Kingdom

AyeAye12's pieces are simply a-m-a-z-i-n-g! I absolutely love the fact that he has taken relatable subjects and created pieces which makes his readers think... He is extremely talented, and you will find yourselves pouring through his collection of literature with amazement. They are all wonderful pieces.

- imaginative-lioness

Of intimidating talent.

- v-espertine

He's great at imagery and makes you feel as if you've taken a trip without moving from your seat.

- Aerode

There is something about [his] voice as a poet that I have heard in no-one else. It is wonderfully warm and refreshing. [He has] a way of wording things that grabs the attention and makes me smile and [he is] wonderful. I imagine it takes no small amount of skill, so well done.


The warrior-poet bleeds imagery and moves in free verse.
(I suspect massive quantities of cocaine were involved.)


Aye is just... different, from the usual works I read here on dA. That's pretty much what I can say.


AyeAye12 never fails to make me lol, or at least marvel at his ability to shatter pre-conceptions of what literature is supposed to be.


"Fl[ies] around the community like a literary superman,"


"Wildly talented"


"reminds me a little of e.e. cummings in a good way, playful light words, hopping, they give energy"

-Steve Roggenbuck

"AyeAye12 is writer from Scotland who has often been described as different, maybe a bit unusual, and a bit like e.e. cummings. This makes for an eclectic and fun package."

-Medoriko ( Daily Lit Recognition for March 31st, 2016Daily Literature Recognition for March 31st, 2016
Featured Author of the Day
Suggested by: Medoriko
Our featured author of the day is: AyeAye12 :la:
AyeAye12 is a writer from Scotland who has often been
described as different, maybe a bit unusual, and a bit like e.e. cummings.
This makes for an eclectic and fun package. 

What makes a poem a poem?
This Manifesto gives us the inside look. 

Gorgeous imagery and fun to read aloud.
A wonderful piece.

Concrete poetry is amazing to witness.
If you'd like to see more by AyeAye12 
please check out his amazing gallery. Or stop by
to just say hello, he's wicked nice! :love: 
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