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Lady Sigyn WIP by AydenSilverflame7 Lady Sigyn WIP :iconaydensilverflame7:AydenSilverflame7 6 2
The Seller of Stars
There was once a man with a crooked leg, who carried on his back a bag made of dusty, dark leather. All along the seams hung small strands of beads, beads of all kinds. There were beads made of metal and glass, wood and bone, clay and even precious beads of gemstones hidden amongst each other.
To counter his infirmity, he walked hunched over a plain wooden staff, the head carved with a simple symbol- a star, seven pointed. It was cut deep into the spherical stave-head, a colour much lighter than the rest of the wood.
If asked the man with the crooked leg would smile and say the star showed the heart of his staff, the heart of the tree from which he took the wood to create his walking aid. He would then gently nod his head as he tipped his dusty hat, and be on his way, to sell the mysterious wares in his dark leather bag.
If you happened to happen upon him, you'd find all sorts of magical things inside his bag. The man with the crooked leg's eye would twinkle up at you (or down, for he
:iconaydensilverflame7:AydenSilverflame7 3 1
Mature content
Modern Icarus pt1 - Ascent :iconaydensilverflame7:AydenSilverflame7 1 0
blahthefuck by AydenSilverflame7 blahthefuck :iconaydensilverflame7:AydenSilverflame7 0 0 Batsuit Supergirl by AydenSilverflame7 Batsuit Supergirl :iconaydensilverflame7:AydenSilverflame7 0 0 Supergirl Redesign by AydenSilverflame7 Supergirl Redesign :iconaydensilverflame7:AydenSilverflame7 2 0
I crave beauty like one craves drink,
Food of the soul, food for mine.
I crave sunshine through misty glass,
Rainbows cast as the sunlight
dances through the panes.
I find beauty in everything,
So my cravings are ever sated.
The way the moon shines in velvet blue skies.
The way the wind dances with litter,
It's quite beautiful to watch what others have
Thrown aside dance among the winds.
I lose myself in the beauty of
Eyes that shine with tears,
The way you walk,
The way the light catches the highlights
Of your hair.
And I realise this poem about craving beauty
Has turned into one lauding you,
And I crave.
I find,
I lose
All that I am.
I will die in shadow,
:iconaydensilverflame7:AydenSilverflame7 1 0
Efe Excerpt
I looked out over the sea plains, at the realm of the Lords of the Deep's domain. It was naught but a plain of rock and fish, covered in wreckage and weed. This was just the over-plains, where the sea and the shore were still sweet lovers, the fantastic palaces lay deeper where nothing from Above could intrude on Below.
Looking behind me, I saw the sun dance on water and my dear sweet boy of Sunshine. Christopher was enthralled, seeing things that no living human had ever seen, for the husbands of the selkies rarely lived to even this shallow of a depth. Mother Ocean didn't care for the men of Father Sky and Auntie Land, or so said my mother. I only hoped I could keep him safe with the fire inside me that burned through all things.
"'Tis more beautiful farther anon." I called, reaching behind me to intertwine my fingers with and pull him forward. "With the power of the faerie rings we'll be able to make it just far enough into Llyr's domain to see his coral palaces from afar."
"This is
:iconaydensilverflame7:AydenSilverflame7 0 0
Silent Night Sky by AydenSilverflame7 Silent Night Sky :iconaydensilverflame7:AydenSilverflame7 4 0 Blue-tterfly by AydenSilverflame7 Blue-tterfly :iconaydensilverflame7:AydenSilverflame7 2 0 Mermaid In Blue by AydenSilverflame7
Mature content
Mermaid In Blue :iconaydensilverflame7:AydenSilverflame7 0 0
The Devil's In His Details
"I'm horny." He said roughly
as we sat watching the flickering of the TV.
Nothing was playing, and we were entranced
caught up in the static of 'reality tv' at its finest.
The darkness in me caught a breath, and
I hoped.
Again I hoped
Even though it wasn't me he was really talking to
but the gods of love and lust who had struck him so.
"So, go get some?" I asked innocently,
Eyes concentrated completely on what wasn't there.
My mind was whirring, an ever faster pace
as again I hoped.
That damnable flame.
Fires lit in the eyes I loathed and he turned to me.
"Let me clip those angel's wings of yours."
How fitting, the devil being seduced by an angel
and yet the analogy was twisted.
I've been cast as the devil,
or at the least his advocate and I find the job pleasing.
I don't mind, not a whit.
I power over this.
This situation.
He can burn me with a glance and yet I enjoy the fires.
The devil in his hell.
The devil giving confession, to sterile strangers across the world
:iconaydensilverflame7:AydenSilverflame7 6 3
Sea Foam
I'd trade my voice which others love so dearly
To be a real boy someday.
Why aren't sea witches real?
Where is the magic I was promised would save me,
Give me love which I desire most.
Will I just
Fade away into seafoam when my heart is broken, again and again.
Hoping for an eternal soul
But forced to work 300 years for the chance that
Heaven might open lover's arms to me,
the damned,
As I swim in seas of God's own tears,
Longing for what I cannot have.
:iconaydensilverflame7:AydenSilverflame7 0 0
"You have witchcraft in your lips"
You say as you watch them change
from slow pink to red desire.
Kiss them, bruise them
The soft petals of my soul.
Let me burn you with my fire.
What will happen when they meet,
My lips dry, yours tender sweet.
Will you change, either frog or prince,
Hurry sweetling and we'll see
Just how much you mean to me.
If you'll be my lover dear or ignite
My witch's ire.
Little do you know,
You have witchcraft too.
Hidden poison, the antidote to my pain
Secret fancies and darkened rain
On a moonlit night.
A broken heart hidden in the shade,
Fade away into starlight
Waiting desperately for
Your lips
Which are like a love spell
Cast upon mine to
Bring them closer to yours.
Play for me the damned, an encore
Of those who pass beyond the veil
Without the salvation,
The magic of your kiss.
:iconaydensilverflame7:AydenSilverflame7 2 0
She Wondered As She Loved Them
In the beginning all was naught but darkness. The world slept, her vast potential not yet realised, when suddenly He came into her corner of the cosmos. With bright words He spoke the Sun into existence, and with secret words He spoke the Moon. When their light shed, day and night, upon her cracked and barren skin He took notice of her. She had been sleeping for so long, since He had first begun his song untold ages past, since His voice and the beat of His heart had brought her into being, and now His plans for her were beginning.
"Child." He whispered to her core, her heart which was still and dead. "Live and be great."
Breathing on her surface, she was consumed by the creation of her spirit. She was given Self, and Soul, and Dreams. She became Gaia, Danu, Terra, Earth. Known by so many names, she was suddenly the spirit that personified all things growing and green.
In happiness, she cried, her tears of salty blue creating oceans and filtering into fresh water rivers. From joy, gree
:iconaydensilverflame7:AydenSilverflame7 2 2
In dreams we become ever more than we are. In the darkness, the light of our souls shine and take us away.
Sometimes in my dreams I'm a wolf, four pads on the forest floor, thick with leaves and needles. My fur shining silver in the light of the moon above me as I run, from sheer joy the human side of my howls to the heavens "Freedom is mine. I have conquered you!" I scent, I kill- my prey is mine and mine alone. The world can't encroach on my dreams, and a wolf without his pack survives here. Wolf alone, yet I live; my wolf-form becomes an allegory to my true life.
People think me strange. The wolf in sheep's clothing almost literally, the one that doesn't quite work with the rest of society. Spirit-wandering is the key to the lock my body provides, the lock and chains of pain and fear, of anger and frustration that bind me to two wheels and a padded chair.
In the dreams the only constant to my wolf-self is the earth beneath his pads and the forests he runs through, the hillock were h
:iconaydensilverflame7:AydenSilverflame7 2 5
:aww: my a home of random :aww:
:love: if you look at it, i'll love you forever :love:


Mature content
Just a Little Kid :iconhangingontoinsanity:HangingOntoInSaNiTy 1 0
Batgirl Supergirl Commission 3 by mikemaihack Batgirl Supergirl Commission 3 :iconmikemaihack:mikemaihack 905 38 Batgirl and Red Lantern Supergirl Comic by mikemaihack Batgirl and Red Lantern Supergirl Comic :iconmikemaihack:mikemaihack 1,269 196 DP by Loves-Chihuahuas DP :iconloves-chihuahuas:Loves-Chihuahuas 191 14 Gamzee - Good Morning by Loves-Chihuahuas Gamzee - Good Morning :iconloves-chihuahuas:Loves-Chihuahuas 172 28 auberon by ezorenier auberon :iconezorenier:ezorenier 137 10 titania by ezorenier titania :iconezorenier:ezorenier 1,058 40 Blue Link by SophieRiis Blue Link :iconsophieriis:SophieRiis 123 33 Princess Zelda by CelestialExploring Princess Zelda :iconcelestialexploring:CelestialExploring 2,574 279 NANTIEEL by LUNARIEEN NANTIEEL :iconlunarieen:LUNARIEEN 711 14 Djinn - 4 Arms Design by thomahawk1234 Djinn - 4 Arms Design :iconthomahawk1234:thomahawk1234 68 1 Djinn sinbad by okageo Djinn sinbad :iconokageo:okageo 320 33 Arabian Mythology - Djinn [Jinn], The Unseen by EmanuellaKozas Arabian Mythology - Djinn [Jinn], The Unseen :iconemanuellakozas:EmanuellaKozas 173 23 Djinn by parapo Djinn :iconparapo:parapo 194 7 X 1999: Princess Hinoto 1 by Tanuki-Tinka-Asai X 1999: Princess Hinoto 1 :icontanuki-tinka-asai:Tanuki-Tinka-Asai 856 89
AMAZING art that i've found :love: BEWARE if you don't like yaoi!! :D




Sold my second and third paintings!!
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HI! My name is Joel. :]

My blog link is down in the "my website" thing, if you really want to know me go look there. It's basically where my mind vomits.

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