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Just a gamer with a knack for creating fan art. I draw what I like, whenever I feel like it. What more is there to say?
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Ever heard of Hades, from SuperGiant Games? Here is how I would envision Zagreus's trailer. (Smash trailer into cuts in) The first thing we see is a dark cavern, adorned with traps, and a bevy of wailing souls who lost their lives. A silhouette of a young man, can be briefly seen making his way through the darkness. "Escaped again. Hmm? Intruders? In my domain? Find them and send them here so I can exact punishment for their folly, the boy included!" The voice belong to an imposing giant of a man. The issue is he wasn't a man at all, he was God of the depth of the Underworld. His otherworldly band of ghouls and shadowy figures heeded his ordered to exterminate those who set foot in his realm. Meanwhile, Bayonetta, Pit, & Palutena square off fighting in a more angelic setting. It was still underground, but wasn't as hellish as the previous scene. The angel was overwhelmed by attacks from his challengers. "Sorry little angel. Consider your wings clipped." The umbra witch deals a
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The trailer starts with the screen fading to black, when suddenly, an ear piercing roar erupted. That awful sound belong to one of the most deadliest creatures ever to set foot in the world of Smash: Rathalos of the Monster Hunter series! Marth, Mega Man, and Chrom attempted to stand their ground against the savage beast. Fireballs rain down upon them as the fighters attempt to deal a blow against the draconian monster. We think see a scene in a nearby forest. In first person view, our mystery fighter sees the commotion and didn't think twice to rush in for assistance. "Dragon, I INVOKE YOU!", he exclaims, as a bright light envelopes him, as if he underwent a transformation of some kind. As the fight went on, Rathalos became more and more furious and lashed out at all three with fireball of tremendous force, nearly bathing the entire plains in a blanket of flame. Marth, Chrom and Mega Man, still bruised from the barrage of attacks attempt to stand their ground as Rathalos swoops in to
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Oh boy...this update caught us off guard like a bat outta hell. I'm still trying to figure out what' up and down this UI change. Why'd they even change it to begin with? They saw how much we didn't like the beta before forcing it, yet they did it anyways. What the hell, DA? Ugh... Anyways, I'm still around. Might drop a piece of art or two if I have the determination. Hope y'all take care.
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You should try to leave an independent comment on this since I didn't draw this.

Samus in the DC Animated Universe 2

I know the artist who made this. It was GuilhermeRM.

Ok. I do want to know if you left an independent comment on that drawing.

So... thought of a concept for Swayzak's body yet?

Unfortunately, no. I've been on a dry spell. Had other stuff to do.

can i use your template?