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Conscience Conflict Lines

I had sketched this out forever ago for something with an angel/devil theme. It was a weird exaggerated style I was playing with at the time. I finally decided to ink it, along with a few others in this style, to get some traditional inking practice in. Not sure if I'll color it or not.

If anyone wants to use if for coloring practice you are welcome to do so, just remember to give credit to me for the lines in the description, don't remove my signature, and please show me since I would love to see it!

Some more lines in this style:

Also, a shameless plug:
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I really enjoyed coloring this - You are a very talented artist.
Ouijaplayer's avatar
Haha. I love your style. The expression is great, as is the concept. Beautiful linework too.
Ayayue's avatar
Thank you very much!
Artfulgent's avatar
Such smooth lines. How do you get such smooth lines?! Looks great.
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I don't think I really do anything special, I'm just a perfectionist with inking so I spend a while smoothing them out. Thank you though, I'm glad it is worth it!
SuoerGirle's avatar
I like the angel :) its cute :)
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Slapped some colors on this, hope you like it:[link]
JetFalcoReturns's avatar
Think I just found my next tattoo lol
Ayayue's avatar
Ehehe, that is quite the compliment, thank you!
JetFalcoReturns's avatar
no im dead fuckin serious
Ayayue's avatar
I'm honored! If you go through with it I would love to see the result :aww:
JetFalcoReturns's avatar
of course lol i would show u anyway i was planning on it its such a cool pic
Ayayue's avatar
Very nice! I think being a redhead suits her!
sinfulblackrose's avatar
Imma go and try and color this now. c:
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