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Wallpaper - My collection

By ayauesca
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A photo of my own collection of Begoths dolls made into a widescreen wallpaper (1680x1050). Edited with Photoshop.
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I love your dolls, and I also like your OC dolls
I miss seeing your photos... you do such beautiful work!! Did you ever finish your Dinah and your ice queen customs? I'd love to see pics if you have! <3
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Oh hi ^^ Nop but it's almost done, even though her face isn't perfect. I moved (again) and dolls and materials are still in boxes... I'm also the young mom of a needy cuty baby boy so I don't have much time left for hobbies anymore. But next year shoud be less busy hopefully ^^
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Who is the doll all the way to the left ?? The 12 inch, not the molded plasic ones ???
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Ah, this is a OOAK I made based upon one of the last 7" projects of Begoths that never came out (doll's name: Dinah Loneliness). Indeed the company isn't making new dolls. For how long I wonder...
I agree wih you about the Monster High and bought a few ones myself, heh.
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Nice, i have like 20 or so, they dont seem to be making any new ones ??? I started collecting the monster high, they are not as nice, but the body is highly poseable.
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