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Diamond of Les Bijoux

By ayauesca
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Stuff I submitted to a French fanzine a long time ago. ^^ It's the evil character in the manhwa "Les Bijoux". I so love the art of Park Sang Sun! <33
Used rotring for this one.
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Thanks, glad you like :)
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youre welcome!
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Isn't the horse Eques? She's supposed to be huge isn't she? Like real huge. From what I've looked from the manhwa itself, I always think how tiny the damn horse gladiator would make me feel... Other than that, very great job. Especially the horses face and all the armor bits.
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Thanks :) And yup, you're right! But, too huge to my taste in fact... I took the liberty to change the proportions as the size in the manhwa just isn't realistic (I couldn't help it...).
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Love the designs in the horse and his armor! Sadly this is the only picture on the net that I can find of him from head to toe. I'm making this costume for my BJD. Thanks for sharing your lovely artwork!
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Wow, I'd love to see your BJD dressed like Diamond :D I used a pannel from the black&white pages of the manhwa as ref (or maybe 2?), but don't remember where exactly...
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Ooo! Well this is a great job! I would love to use it as a reference as I make the outfit!
Though my doll is tanned LMAO I'm sure he'll look like a real hot looking Diamond.
I've got Volume 1 of Les Bijoux at home. I'll have to peel through the pages again. Though the
best thing ever is to find fan art or cosplay. It gives me an idea on how the costume should look if it were
on someone (cosplay) or how it would look in full view.
Again, thank you so much for sharing this! It definitely makes me want to get started on this costume for him right away!
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Very detailed! Looks Good :)
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Thanks! I only see the flaws in it ^^; I used a rotring that had half-dryed -_- so the lines don't really look as smooth as I'd wish.
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artist always see the worst in there own work
its still looks good to me :D
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