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I thought about it for a while, and here we are! My commissions are now open (as of 9/8/18). If they close for whatever reason, I will send out notices.

I limited my stock because I don't want to burden myself too much. I hope you understand.
First, here's what I'm offering:

Tier #1, Headshots
Traditionals are $4, and Digitals are $8. Depending on the complexity of the character, this could change slightly.
The style may also fluctuate-- What you receive may not look exactly like the examples.
He Loves Me Just Fine by Ayatonic  VY2 Yuuma by Ayatonic

Tier #2, Busts
Traditionals are $6, and Digitals are $10. Same deal as the headshots. You may choose to have a simple background if you'd like. How much of the body is shown may differ per piece, unless you specify otherwise.
We're All Played Out by Ayatonic  November Digital by Ayatonic

Tier #3, Fullbodies
Traditionals are $10, and fully colored Digitals are $25. This is the type of artwork my own characters use! I will use a general pose unless you specify otherwise. Same with facial expressions.
Garu by Ayatonic  RYATA MAXUM Acute 2018 (3) by Ayatonic

Digital Lineart only is $15, in case the Traditional option is too messy. It will not be transparent.
old fever lineart by Ayatonic
Digital Flat Colors only is $20. This one will have a transparent background, just like the fully finished version.
sanjay_flatcolors by Ayatonic

- I will only accept USD.
- I also only take payments through Paypal.
- I will not start a piece until it is half paid. (Anything over $10) For things less than $10, they must be fully paid.
- You must stay in contact with me so I can draw your piece properly! Please specify what you want; poses, facial expressions, etc.
- You must provide an adequate reference of the character you want me to draw. It does not need to be YOUR character, but you must show me what they look like. You may also share a bit of their personality to help with posing.
- If something is wrong, you must tell me EARLY ON. I will show you how it looks as I'm working on it!
- Please allow up to two weeks for your piece to be finished. I doubt anything will take that long but you never know.
- All canceled commissions must be cancelled before full payment. I will attempt to refund whatever I need to, but if I finish the piece it has to be final.
- I reserve the right to refuse a commission. It is my time and effort, after all.

What I won't draw...
- Furries (or any animal- I'm terrible at them)
- Mecha 
- Non-humanoids (same as animals, I just suck)
- NSFW (pinups are fine but no nudity, please)
- Overly complex designs (I can try but there's a limit)

Please take a look around my gallery to get an idea of the kind of things I draw. I am NOT a porn artist. Please do not complain about unsatisfactory work when you were not expecting that I mainly draw horror. I try my best to be up to par!

If you have any questions, please let me know.
- And if you're interested in donating for whatever reason, message me about it.

See ya later.

Twitter: @Rader400
So! I get asked about doing commissions every now and then, and since it's something I've thought about doing for a long while, I decided that I think I'm finally ready to start accepting them. This is still a beta concept, however. I want to see what people think first before I officially open up.

That's why I'm making this page! To show off what I'm willing to do! I think most of my things will remain rather inexpensive due to the fact that I am still a student and cannot always guarantee the quality of my pieces. (I like to use lined paper sometimes, man.)
Of course if there is a more specific request, we can talk about it. But here will be my general offerings.

Tier #1, Busts
I do these kind of drawings fairly often so I'm offering them!
Facial Busts: Includes basically only the head. Base price is $4 for traditional, and $8 for digitals. MS Paint versions may vary.
rhinestone eyes by Ayatonic  You Are Nothing to Me by Ayatonic 
Will You Say It? by Ayatonic  VY2 Yuuma by Ayatonic
Vera by Ayatonic

Full Busts: Includes the head and some of the body, base price is $6 because these can vary. Digitals would be $10. No MS Paint version for this item, sorry!
HEAR ME by Ayatonic  Luhen by Ayatonic  We're All Played Out by Ayatonic
Ares Summer by Ayatonic  Chaka by Ayatonic

Multi-Character Bust: Same as my regular Busts, but additional characters are $2 more for traditional pieces, and $4 more for digitals. No more than three characters.
buddiez by Ayatonic  Falling Farther by Ayatonic
Vocaloid Amino Contest Entry - Vote 4 VY2 by Ayatonic  Amber and Rene by Ayatonic
(I wanted to include a lot of examples to show how my work varies!)

Tier #2, Fullbodies
This kind of drawing usually requires a lot more effort from me, so they take longer and I can't always promise how it'll go. Traditional prices are still far less than the digital upgrade, so that's cool I guess?
Reference Piece: A basic pose to show off the character's design. Nothing too special, facial expression can be changed. Traditionals start off at $10, and digitals are $25. This type of drawing is the kind I do for my own official artworks. No MS Paint version for this tier either.
doorknobs by Ayatonic  ASTER Kurami by Ayatonic  Kai and Kurami by Ayatonic
RYATA MAXUM Acute 2018 (3) by Ayatonic  Sen RYATA by Ayatonic  Yuki Kazoya by Ayatonic
Upgrade: An experimental type, this fullbody is far more detailed and takes way longer to do, so I made it its own item. Starts at $30.
Nemesis 2018 by Ayatonic

Tier #3, Dynamics
Dynamic Piece: These drawings aren't intended to be used as a reference or for official art. They tend to be more fun, promotional pieces. They have the same prices as reference drawings. $10 for traditional, $25 for digitals. May include a background, if specified. (Backgrounds would be either colored patterns or a design.) Poses and facial expressions may also be requested.

Jump by Ayatonic  Disco Raizel by Ayatonic  Birthday by Ayatonic
not so humble by Ayatonic  Power Nap by Ayatonic  November Digital by Ayatonic

What I won't/can't draw...
- Not good at Furries, or any animal
- Mecha/extensive armor
- NSFW; no excessive nudity or genitals
- Anything inhuman, really...

Things I'm just not good at...
- Muscles, I can try but it's a gamble
- Females (sometimes)
- Inhuman features (sometimes)

Also please be aware I have the power to refuse a commission, and I will not start it until I receive payments... Please be nice to me, that is all.

As of right now, I think these are all I'm willing to do. Anything more and I'll probably lose my mind lmao. I will probably keep my slots limited, depending on what my most popular item is. Let me know what you're interested in, please!

Reminder, my "shop" isn't open yet... I'm only surveying right now. However, if it does, this page will most likely be what my stock is, so keep that in mind please!
Thank you for taking time to read this. Makes my day.