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Rene Raizel Alternate Design Reference (lazy ik) by Ayatonic Rene Raizel Alternate Design Reference (lazy ik) by Ayatonic
rene is my second utau and i decided to finally upload a reference for him.
he is actually genderless, but presents as male by default.
he was created to be the "versatile voice" of the obscuraloids (my personal utaus) so therefore he is designed to conform.
this also means that he has an alternate female design, which, like anything else, still represents rene equally to his male one.
i just never uploaded his female design anywhere so i thought i would lmaoo

both the designs share the same voice at the moment... which was intended to be more masculine, so... yeah.

trivia i guess?
- he used to have a female flag that was done away with.
- his name actually has an accent over the second "e" in his first name, but it is rarely written.
- his original design has him much younger in appearance, and with brown hair.
- he used to have red eyes until it was changed.
- he does in fact have a beauty mark under his right eye- best not to forget it.
- his full name means "reborn rose"

and thats all for now i guess, ive been neglecting rene for a couple of months in favor of ryata's vcv lol but now rene has his own beta vcv in progress and i'm too exciteddd
the demo is here if u want it:…

this character belongs to me so do NOT steal him.
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July 21, 2017
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