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Thorn Bathu

Thorn Bathu from the shattered sea trilogy by Joe Abercrombie. This has been my baby for a while. Starting working on it when I met Joe  in London for a book signing in 2015, but have only recently let it see the light of day.
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Great drawing! Thorn Bathu is a great character and you got her spirit very well. Awesome!
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Looks like my kind of girl. I'm a little hesitant about the Shattered Sea trilogy since it's labeled in the young teen genre of books and Joe Abercrombie's work is so gritty and violent. I may give it a try once I finish all his other work though. I've read the First Law series and Best Served Cold and absolutely love those works. I'm currently in the middle of The Heroes and then I'll read Red Country and Sharp Ends. I can't get enough of Abercrombie's stuff and this pic makes me really curious about his other trilogy. 
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Man, you should read it. I'm still finishing the second book, but I'm already sad that the books will eventually end.

I've read the first law too and comparing the two, shattered sea is a less complex book. It has less plots and things going on at the same time, BUT.... It has some fvcking great characters, like Thorn Bathu, it's packed with action, viollence and some plot twists too. 

I haven't read the third book yet, but it's already some of my favorite books.
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Cool, I'll definitely check it out. I'm still on an Abercrombie kick... since I left that comment in December of 2017 I finished the Heroes, Red Country and Sharp Ends. Then I started over and I've re listened to TFL trilogy, BSC and I'm in the middle of The Heroes again. Once I finish with The Heroes I'll probably start Shattered Sea.
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She was so cool. Second best character of that series. (the answer to who's first should be obvious)