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EE: Calla Lillie by ayaring EE: Calla Lillie by ayaring


Finally submits this here!T_T I finished this a long time ago, but I never got to upload till now erwoeur

Calla Lillie





5'8 ft / 175 lbs

Salon Owner

Summer 15th

Loved Gifts:
✓ Beauty Items ✓ Pretty Flowers ✓ Jewelry ✓ Cinnamon Rolls ✓ ALCOHOL

Liked Gifts:
✓ Scissors ✓ Gloves ✓ Hair Accessories

Disliked Gifts:
✗ Fish ✗ Roses ✗ Coffee ✗ Chocolate

Hated Gifts:
✗ Milk ✗ Fish ✗ Broken Items

✓ Cheerful ✓ Tolerant ✓ Perfectionist ✓ Responsible
✗ Pushy ✗ Meddlesome ✗ Obsessive ✗ Willful  

Calla is a fundamentally amiable person and always has a friendly smile on her face. She likes helping people out and goes out of her way to provide aid to others, though this makes her come off as rather pushy and meddlesome due to her willfulness and disregard for the other’s acceptance (or lack thereof) of her help. That being said, being a responsible adult always comes to her naturally and urges her to look out for her peers (younger or older) all the time.

When it comes to work,, Calla is a perfectionist and does not let small mistakes go unnoticed. Aware of her own tendency for nitpicking, she tries to guide her workers more kindly instead of being reprimanding (unless need be).

Being in a very social profession, Calla is tolerant of people, no matter how rude or condescending they may be. She can easily brush off insults or snide remarks, though this isn’t to be misunderstood as her being avoidant of conflict. Instead, she just prefers to pick her battles and isn’t one for petty squabbles and is perfectly capable of confrontation when it is warranted. When provoked, she may actually become rather brutish and sadistic, but this is something she always holds off from showing others except her family.

Growing up in a small village, Calla is accustomed to hard labor and grew up sowing the fields in hopes for a bountiful harvest. Her parents were humble farmers who worked hard and had fulfilling lives in general. She was no exception, but she’s always had a keen curiosity to city life and wished to get a job in the city some day. While not being naive about the hardships in the city, she always thought that her passions lay elsewhere, despite loving nature and enjoying the country life that she was so used to.

When she came of age, Calla decided to venture out into the city and wandered around for quite some time, not really knowing what she wanted. She worked odd jobs here and there, in order to support her family better and also hopefully find what she was passionate about. She was able to work in a lot of professions, yet she only found herself attached to her work as a salon assistant, being eager to learn more about the arts of hairstyling and becoming  a beautician.

Calla entered a beauty school, where she spent a lot of time learning about different specialties. It wasn’t long before she managed to graduate , allowing herself to finally go home and see how her family was and possible even setting up shop in their small village. But to her surprise, one of her cousins seems to have ran off a year prior, and his parents were dearly worried for their youngest son. With the only clue she found being  a small crumpled flyer of a town with promises of a new beginning and job opportunities, she followed her instinct and decided to head off to Toffee Town and set up shop there, and also hopefully find him.

Additional Info:
  • She can easily switch from a gentle salon owner with nimble hands, into a brute who wields a pickaxe with great strength.
  • Spends her free time in the bar. She has very high alcohol tolerance and will win any shinn drinking contest./HIT
  • Agnus’ cousin (they look very similar).

shiro-ritto Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2018  Student Digital Artist
oh dear shes so cute !! im crying i opened my notifs and got blessed
ayaring Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist

aaaaa thank you so much!/// fkgakg ///
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