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Super Smash Senators Brawl



Hi, I'm Yoshi and I don't even spare politicians from my weird imagination.

It has always been my opinion that elections (ESPECIALLY huge ones like, oh, for presidents) should end with both sides slugging it out in Super Smash Bros. Well, I think all political conflicts should be solved by Smash Bros, but at the very least Election Night needs to include some Smash action.

That said... here we are. Originally, it was going to be both candidates and their running mates AS Smash Bros. characters, but no matter how many times I sketched it, the end result just looked goofy. And, ultimately, we get this thing, which is really less a political commentary (its only real political content, actually, is that everyone involved is running for President/Vice President of the United States) and more speculation about what would happen if a Wii and several controllers SUDDENLY appeared in front of them and they were made to take each other on in Brawl.

Naturally this required some significant analysis of each of their personalities and their circumstances in order to determine, among other things, what controller gets picked.

Barack Obama: Wiimote+Nunchuk (from what I'm told, he's actually played Wii Bowling during a campaign stop at a senior citizen center, so the man's handled a Wiimote before. For extra funny, I slapped one of those ThinkGeek 8-bit ties on him.)

Joe Biden: Classic Controller (somehow, good ol' G.I. Joe strikes me as a Classic kind of guy. And if his "GET UP" lines in campaign speeches are any indication, the man would be good at recoveries!)

John McCain: Wiimote+Nunchuk (Ah... poor McCain. I don't mean to make fun of him, but, well... you know! He'd probably dangle a Wiimote all "uh, what's this?" and I don't think he'd last very long in a stock match. And yes, that's a Happy Flower growing out of his head.)

Sarah Palin: GameCube Controller (She has teen kids, and everything about her just screams "I may be awful at these video games, but dammit I'm going to have a blast even if I lose!" Also... I have no idea what possessed me to give her Goomba earrings, but it's hilarious and I stuck with it.)

Let's assume this is a 2v2 stock match. Now, as far as what characters each of them uses... well, I ultimately decided to leave that up to the viewer's imagination.
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