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"O violent torrent" my foot.
Accidental double tech creation! Chelsea has been known to use Wind Walk before going to the beach as protection from the bigger waves during high tide, and Haruko, uh... well, Kinetic Slash can make bigger waves too. The two skills merged and was amplified by their both standing in the water, thus creating "Splash." Numair is soooo not amused.

Fun fact: The Splash effect is taken from Tales of the Abyss, if it looks familiar.

Coloring this was... not so hard, as far as doing the water effects. Rampant abuse of the drybrush subtool, as usual! And while I rarely do so, I actually had to break out the "soften" filter a couple times.
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I still prefer to hear my party going "Spread!"

Numair is reacting like that water must be near freezing. U:

I tend to go the opposite route and then gotta Smart Sharpen all my stufff. ¦P (do you ever use Median filter as well? i find it yields decent results)