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Snowscheme 2009 Part 4



Haruko, Spoony and a couple of Prinnies set up shop at a street corner and perform for lulz and maybe some coins. And Haruko is, of course, too drunk to care about the snowfall that just started or that it's probably stupidly cold out there.

Spoony has appeared in Snowschemes before but not in great detail. The bard's demon horns (which aren't quite visible here) apparently don't get him out of having to wear reindeer antlers to satisfy his membership in the guild's Reindeer Brigade. But... I don't think he cares. XD

Tech notes:
Tried a different lighting type this time while coloring it and leans more towards a painterly... thing this time. (Category wonks: my stuff tends to toe the line between drawing and painting, even though it involves both. Sometimes the line art is more dominant, other times it's the paint job. I just punt it into what it visually veers closer to.)

Also I now have an iPod Touch, and once my Pogo Stylus gets here? Oh yes. It will be SO on-- Yoshi arts anywhere, anytime (or at least, anywhere I can get wifi ;P).
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