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Time for yet another instance of "solving political disputes with VIDEO GAMES." (Which, of course, is a thinly-veiled excuse for me to draw people being silly in large groups. See: Pundit Brawl, Senator Brawl and just about every bar scene I've ever done).

In this case, we revisit the Eternal Pundit Feud(tm) between MSNBC and Fox News. In place of the ol' Olbermann/O'Reilly standoff (but you get that anyway in the background. Oh, Bill-O, your precious loofah cannot save you now, not when you're up against Keith and his dual-wielded Wii Wheels!), we have Rachel Maddow vs. Gretchen Carlson, battling for superiority and lulz in Mario Kart Wii. Looking mighty confident there, Gretchen! Never mind that you just drove over a banana peel and got passed up by just about EVERYONE...

Of course, the appeal of these pieces are not so much in the central figures (as much as one would like it to be), but in the onlookers.

Front: David Shuster, munching on popcorn and oblivious to the chaos behind the Rubber Duckie Couch. (Nomnomnom.) Greta van Sustren is pretty much just along for the ride, but judging by the look on her face, maybe she's a bit concerned that Rachel could win...

Behind the couch: Kent Jones as Rachel's cheer squad! Chris Matthews (XD-face forever!) would be, too, were he not distracted by the impending Bill-O smackdown.
Don't mind Glenn Beck, he's just digging a bomb shelter for the supposed apocalypse that would go down if Rachel wins. A dirt-covered Sean Hannity is clearly not amused at being buried, albeit accidentally.

Which characters and vehicles are Rachel and Gretchen using?
As usual, that's left to your imagination. (I take that back. Rachel would TOTALLY pick Toad.)
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Ill take the former Ms. America over that dyke anyday. Go Gretchen!!