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Party For Me - Lowenthal Ver.

This is both a gift art piece and also a shameless excuse for me to let my inner fangirl go wild. >_>;

Alex (Lunar: Silver Star Harmony), Cecil (Final Fantasy 4), Simon (Gurren Lagann)
Gig (Soul Nomad & the World Eaters), Luke fon Fabre & Asch (Tales of the Abyss), Haseo (.hack//GU)
Cornelius (Odin Sphere) & Death Grunty (.hack//GU)

What do they have in common... aside from nearly all of them being the main characters of their respective games/anime?

Welp, in the English audio, they were all voiced by Yuri Lowenthal... and at the time of this posting (March 5) it is his birthday. Hence, this happy little mob scene, because the man has played soooo many characters that I just grabbed my favorites. Yeah, I couldn't leave well enough alone after the whole Pancakealypse thing. :P (twitter fallout)

What's he playing on his iPhone, there? Probably something about zombies. (I pay way too much attention to Twitter. >_>)
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I know I'm late to the game, but THANKS FOR MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT!

(you even got my cat, Nar, right)

I suck at forums and and stuff, but I'm good at Twitter! So if I don't get back here often, you can find me there.


I know I'm totally late on this, but THANKS FOR MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT!

(you even got my cat, Nar, right)

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Yuri Lowenthal hes awesome :D
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Lol, GIG IS HERE!!! I love soul nomad! =3 and prince CORNELIUS and HASEO make a strong presence, too! AHUAHUAHAHUA!!! *o*
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...Amusingly, the only character I like in this picture is Haseo. And I also think Lowenthal fits him the least. XD
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Pretty sure I spot like two of my fav characters. Good choices sir x3
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sorry to burst your bubble ayarane,but death grunty was voiced by liam o brian, I typed it on youtube and recognized his voice because he had the same vocal sound as junta momonari, which liam played the role as in DNAsquared
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nerts. x_x

Ah... let's just call Death Grunty an extension of Haseo. Actually, truth be told when I was doing the wire sketch I needed something to balance off with Cornelius. My bad for not checking. :\
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It's okay ,to the untrained ear liam might sound like yuri,one time I read a comment somewhere saying yuri played danny phantom when it was actually david kaufman.
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Did you know he also did the voice of Ben in 'Ben 10: Alien Force'? That sounded weird when I heard that... O_o
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I've seen some episodes but never kept up with it (used to collect on my old DVR until it broke down last year). Though, I hear Yuri actually made Ben's jacket and wore it to a con... XD

Again, I play more video games than I watch anime these days. Haseo was the first character I'd heard Yuri play and I had no idea who he was at the time but he sounded kind of awesome... and then Tales of the Abyss hit and he was in that too and before I knew it I was all "oh hi, you just trumped Crispin Freeman as my new favorite VA."
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Wow... you've seen a lot.
Anyway, love the drawing. Keep it up!
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Pfft and they are only like not even half of the main roles he voice acts too huh xD
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Bwahahaha yes.

Though, I must preemptively address this before all the Sasuke fangirls come in and asking why he's not in here: I haven't, don't and will probably never watch Naruto. It and infinite-running anime series aren't my thing... that and I play more games than I watch anime as of late (hence Simon being the sole representative of Yuri's anime character pile).

I'd like to see him do more villains. While Gig wasn't technically a "villain" he's pretty much what happens when Yuri gets to be really freaking evil. The end result is not only FULL OF WIN but also hilarity.
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Meh, I don't care about his Sasuke role either, so I can agree with you.

And for a change yes xD
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