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Overlords of the White Rose



Roses are white, terrorists are... green? And sometimes blue...
Anyway, non-humans beware, the Pearl Rose comes for you!

They are the overlords of the Pearl Rose Organization, the terrorist faction whose ideology dictates that humans dominate over all, and those icky elves and dragons and what-have-you should GTFO, preferably from the mortal coil. Though these human supremacists devote themselves to the white rose, such a flower becomes stained in the red blood of those born of different genes.

From left...

Top row: Maya Fujibayashi (Thorn Fencer General), Ralse Herdin (Supreme Overlord), Zeirkain Mordecai (Leaf Mage General)
Bottom Row: Lucas Dorati (Liaison of House Dorati), Satoshi Kanazaki (Stem Gunner General)

See also: En Masse: Zero
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