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MSNBC Party Van



This is not the "Party Van" that you hear about on 4chan/Encyclopedia Dramatica. Rather, this is the MSNBC Party Van, the little clunker that exists to spread happiness and awesome... oh, and to shut down those fear-mongering angry mobs that keep crashing town hall meetings and screaming "OMFG DEATH PANELS!!!1" and other such nonsense.

That's not to say that you can't have fun while doing it, as evidenced here. Rachel Maddow, along with Keith Olbermann in shotgun and Chris Matthews and Kent Jones up top, takes said van (whose design I totally pulled out of nowhere... DOES MSNBC actually have their own van fleet? Or do they just use regular NBC news vans?) for a spin.

Kent: "You there, ill-informed citizen! Cease your tinfoil hat-influenced acts of lameitude! This fear-mongering is massive amounts of WEAK!"

...or something.
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I hate that news company