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FE Bromide: Dragon Queen



It's time for FE Bromides, shameless displays of final equipment badassery! (Again, the full bromide title does not fit in the actual title, it is "Stay Classy, Glast Heim")

...though, in this case, it's not so much about the final equipment (for everyone but Paring and Kit, their armor self-upgrades so there's no visible change). Still, for the guest characters like Hecate here, they still get FE Bromides if you pick them for the final dungeon.

Now, Hecate's one of those odd cases in that she's typed as a High Wizard but still wears the infamous "Mage bikini;" initially this was because in the original RO she never made it past Mage, but in translation to Ragnarok TWILIGHT I decoupled job classes from their "uniforms" for the most part, not to mention that such skimpy clothing is par for the course for female Black Dragons. As a warrior race with ludicrous regeneration, they often find heavy plate armor or clothing an unnecessary burden on mobility so... why bother? Just so you know. :)

This is also an example of "fan service makes ANYTHING awesome" and boy does it ever. Glast Heim, even in Ragnarok TWILIGHT, is the second-gloomiest place in the world; it's permanently cloudy and cold and just... not happy-go-sunny (not that Black Dragons mind, of course), but if you stick a bombshell like Hecate in there, it instantly becomes the equivalent of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition photo shoot. Ha HA!

(Hecate's original player is ~sandpaperdaisy but as typical in Across we pass our characters around like a plate of cookies and I developed the character further for Ragnarok TWILIGHT. Mmm, cookies... :9)
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