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FE Bromide: Clad in the Dark



We revisit the concept of the FE (Final Equipment) Bromides from Ragnarok TWILIGHT. As a compromise for being hamstrung by both software rendering and the equally-bad alternative of mandating ALL sidequests (thus negating their being called "sidequests") that precludes us from enabling toggle-able sprite changes for everyone beyond the 3 main player characters, it was decided to instead issue special illustrations of all playable characters in their ultimate gear as a blatant show of badassery.

For the Final Fantasy 4 nerds among us, sit on your hands a moment before you say what I KNOW you're thinking. In Ragnarok TWILIGHT, a major theme for final equipment? Cosplay! Shameless, unabashed cosplay. (Well, Gravity did it first!) In the case of Aries, here, this entails some Grand Theft FF4 and wearing Golbez' snazzy-looking plate armor. Granted, I had to make a few tweaks to make it work (most notably the deletion of the facial part of the helmet because you do not prevent Aries from wearing his Sunglasses of Badass), but you get the idea.

Of course, Golbez did not have a spear (the Lancea Longini that Aries is holding), but I'm sure we can overlook THAT. :P

In Ragnarok TWILIGHT, the Golbez armor was renamed to the Deathkeeper (body armor) and God of War (helmet). Just because. You get both of them at the same time, and as a rule, getting the ultimate body armor triggers the addition of the corresponding FE Bromide...

Best served with your favorite rendition of "Golbez, Clad in the Dark" (which this bromide is obviously named for) or "Tower of Zot."
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I still think you did an awesome job on his armor. Best I've seen from you in a while!