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Best Mob in the World

(aka "Olbermanga Daioh")

I think the last time I did a mob scene this big was... En Masse? Though, this time everyone is in varying states of super-deformity (e.g. chibified), which surely made coloring a lot easier.

SO! It's been established that I like MSNBC way, WAY too much than should be legal. I long crossed that line when I drew Keith Olbermann pwning Bill O'Reilly in Super Smash Bros., and Rachel Maddow wiping the floor with Gretchen Carlson in Mario Kart Wii (and, trust me, there is plenty more to come in Pundit Games!)... and this is ignoring the gateway piece of Keith, Rachel and Chris Matthews stealing the presidential limo for a joyride. Oh man. Now we have not just those three and new BFF Ed Schultz, they decided to bring just about all their friends and pile into what I call the "Nondescript Imaginary White Room" that MSNBC uses for their commercials for a gigantic group shot. If they host a show, or appear often enough that they might as well, they're in here.

...and this note is already too long as is. :P

I would think everyone is recognizable enough! (Oh, the amount of profile/Twitter-diving I did to pull up reference photos for color-matching.) Nonetheless, time to do some name-dropping!

Back (from right, the rows are kind of in an arc): Willie Geist, Dylan Ratigan, Contessa Brewer, Christina Brown, Pat Buchanan, Lawrence O'Donnell
Middle: Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough, Ed Schultz, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, Kent Jones
Front: Andrea Mitchell, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, David Shuster, Tamron Hall

...ooh, a kitty!

As for that "Olbermanga Daioh" alt title... let me put it this way: the present absurdity of the political pundit scene would lend itself PERFECTLY to a parody of Azumanga Daioh. Think about this one!

Re: paper bag--
in a particular sector of Olbermann fandom, this is somewhat of an accidental meme... thing; I made a gag about how David Shuster should wear a paper bag with Keith Olbermann's face cheaply drawn on it when guest-hosting for Countdown. And it kinda stuck XD That's not to say that it wouldn't be the best thing EVER if it really did happen... nope...
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Fucking Obama propaganda stooges. The Maoist Socialist Nutball Broadcasting Company (MSNBC) are the biggest ass-clowns in the history of broadcast journalism. They should all be tried for treason and shot, or better yet, hanged from the highest lamp posts on Pennsylvania Ave. with the rest of the traitors and their bodies left there to rot...
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Gee I wonder who the blond-haired guy next to Olbermann is? XD

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olberman may pwn oreily in SSB, but bill pwns him when it comes to audiance :roll:
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Very cute, nice perspective and absolutely adorable groupings(Shuster and Hall especially).
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Wow. As a huge fan of anime and also MSNBC (or at least particular commentators), I find this pic to be awesome. I actually found it in a search for "Ed Schultz" since I was curious if anyone had ever done fan art...
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You will be happy to know, then, that the next episode of Pundit Games is Ed vs. Rush Limbaugh... ^_^ WIP of them playing Wii Golf.
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Ohh yeah, Rachel commented to David Gregory this past Sunday that she wears NOTHING. BUT. SNEAKERS. XD Nice little de-tail~ ♫

Neko!Mitchell is ...weird ...but in a fitting way. ;3
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I've half a mind to turn her into a full-blown catgirl. >_>;
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...Olberman = Sakaki?
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to an extent! The man does like kitties...

I would actually paint him as a mix of Sakaki and Yomi. (Double Chop on Bill-O? Oh yes.)
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..aggressive Sakaki... *head explodes*
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Dude, wait until I turn the NBC Peacock into Chiyo-dad... THEN your head will set itself ablaze!
NeoPhoenixTE's avatar that a threat or a promise?
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that depends on how scary you thought Chiyo-dad was... ^_^
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