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Avatars of Altima Network



Some people personify boats and cars... I personify computers! Take THAT, OS-tan!

With the release of Windows 7, I slapped the new OS on all the machines on my LAN. This also called for new doodles of the Avatar variants of said machines. Though I'll be making individual wallpapers, I figured I might as well combine 'em all for a big shot to toss up here!

As usual, the Avatar naming convention is shamelessly looted from .hack//GU. >_>

Yes, all of them reference other characters and such, as more or less goofy nods or, really, just because I can.

Back: Tsunami, Jin, Onyx
Middle: Yggdrasil, Dinah
Front: Blastoise

(and just so you know, Blastoise, Dinah and Yggdrasil are my personal machines-- Dinah is a laptop, Blastoise is my gaming/"everything but the kitchen sink" box, and Yggdrasil is the LAN's media server/HTPC. The other three are my mother's machines. I built everyone but Dinah.)

And behind them all is the Ayarane Project logo.
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...stop beating me over the head with your awesome eye for detail and artistic flare.

This thing looks like a movie poster or something. It's just....beautifully sexy.

If this were an imageboard, I'd totally be throwing this up in response.