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happy holidayss!

minimalist journal/>
  • Listening to: jaime le dubstep
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  • Eating: sauce
  • Drinking: sauce

Hi All,

I'm getting rid of a box of sketches, with drawings from 2003-now, if interested please email me at

Washing.. no.. Wishing everyone a happy day

  • Listening to: the wind
  • Reading: biographies on wiki
  • Watching: it
  • Playing: with your feelings
  • Eating: russian food
  • Drinking: japanese tea
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Some News!

I am alive and also am providing a preview for a book me and fellow deviants


are putting together, mainly with new and unseen art.
more info on the publishers website

hopefully will be sold at NY comicon but mainly through website i think.


EDIT: sorry editors say no full clr preview no more haha (full clr in book... not so yellow no more this family eh?)
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  • Reading: russian newspaper Ha
  • Watching: dance competitions
  • Playing: spider solitaire 4 eva baby
  • Eating: condiments
  • Drinking: not yet but this weekend 4 sho


Wed Dec 31, 2008, 10:03 AM

oh hello.. a few people asked me about commissions, and while i'm too busy at the moment, i'll be able to do commissions in about 2 weeks (i hope).

All the bestos in the new year!

  • Listening to: hummmm
  • Reading: shakespeare
  • Watching: crappy much music
  • Playing: spider solitaire 4 eva
  • Eating: lots of fat
  • Drinking: wine
Hey everyone,
I'll be in downtown Toronto this Saturday (june 21) to do caricatures for a charity event at the BIG on Bloor festival, along with other artists.
It'll take place on Bloor Street from Christie all the way to Lansdowne.
I'll be near Bloor and Crawford at a table for most of the day.

The festival runs from 1:00 - 6:00 and from 6:00 - 9:00,
is when they turn all the tables into dinner tables for all
the participant's and their friends/family to have dinner
on the longest (outdoor) dinner table in the history of

Here is a link with more info:

So come by if you can for what I gather will be pretty fun.

  • Listening to: calabria
  • Reading: bank statements
  • Watching: menace 2 society
  • Playing: spider solitaire
  • Eating: the back of my head
  • Drinking: warm beer
Hi guys! I have some Low Orbit books lying around, they're $7US and I want to get rid of them. If you want a book, I'll also send you a free sketch. maybe even a rolly polly I find in the park. painted with nail polish.
ok peace.
  • Listening to: climbing the walls
  • Reading: my email
  • Watching: breakfast club
  • Playing: tetris
  • Eating: eggplant
  • Drinking: black with one sugar

I decided it was time for some new sketchbooks, featuring seen and unseen art. 36 pages, full colour, $20. If you gotta have one, email me at please, paypal prefered.

Also, sorry for a prolonged lack of updates. I go to school and it eats my time inside out.


update: my friend Scott Forbes (who designed Josh Middleton's website has kindly provided me with a three month subscription to DA so now i can put images up in my journals. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!)
  • Listening to: youtube
  • Reading: Drawing Lessons from Great Masters
  • Watching: Night Watch
  • Playing: by ear
  • Eating: MEAT!
  • Drinking: medium regular
Firstly, apologies for not posting lately, I've been working on some top secret stuff which I regretably cannot show, it being TOP SECRET.

Colour Sketchbooks! I'll be updating those so they will be newer and shinier than ever, email me to order if you is interested.

I'm accepting commissions too, now that the majority of the TOP S stuff is done with.

Don't forget I upload some art to Blogspot which I do not post here - so stop by if you dare.

Lastly but not leastly, the long-expected Official Handbook of the Invincible Universe is out, featuring an illustration of mine, is out in comic book stores. Visit :icondusty-abell: for more details.  

Thank you for everyone who stops by, comments, hollas, chain messages, etc. You guys are made of awesome.
  • Listening to: my buzzing PC
  • Reading: Moby Dick & The Idiot
  • Watching: White Boyz N Da Hood
  • Playing: with glowsticks
  • Eating: powder
  • Drinking: malt deer
rookie move - forgot to mention that if anyone's interested in a sketchbook and can't make it to the con, drop me a line and i can send some out :)
colour: 32 pages, 5.5X8.5 inch $20
b&w: 32 pages 5.5X8.5 inch $10 (with coloured cover)
cheez, peaz, paper creez
Firstly, thanks a lot to all the people who commented and/or liked what I post up here. It makes me do all kinds of dances. Also, I'll be at the San Francisco con sharing a table with :iconcheeks-74: :iconmichaelwoods: and :iconryanodagawa: so stop by if you can. :) I'll have sketchbooks, prints, all that jazz. oh, yeah, and the jitters. haha


Sun Jan 29, 2006, 7:06 PM

Konichiwussup! Some DA peeps got together and put into motion a monsta of a blog! contributionairs are: Paul :icongutz:  Ray :iconraheight2002-2012: Jeffrey :iconthechamba: me :iconayanimeya: , and Sean :iconcheeks-74: look at "Zoiinks!!" for stuff we don't necessarily post on DA:


Something fun thatll make palms sweaty, adrenaline flow, foreheads to crease in worry and survival instincts to peak. really sweet and cute, actually. check it out foos……

dont go if you dont wanna be scared. im hiring these guys as cinematographers for my next film.
hey gang. mostly to remove my last angsty entry off my main page, i'm posting this   [link] that =animeaikuku
hooked me up with. check it out for tutorials, resources, definitions of obscure japanese terms, all dat good there stuff.
On another note, thank you for all the people who visit here and drop comments. It means more than y'all know. I's :heart: 's u all.
It is haggardly weather here in toronto. i've never experienced such wind. its cold, and bitter, and freezing rain hails almost horizontally, beating not only your surface but seemingly your internal organs as well, trying to shift people by the shear natural force of nature at their core, to attention. i suspect this might have to do with the Passing of the Pope. Being outside today brought me to tears and breathless gasps.
has anyone ever beat the 3rd level?
On a sidenote: Rest In Peace, Terri.
WHY! did Dumbledore not kill Voldemort when he had the chaaance?
a. Because he knows there are two books left
b. Because, obviously, Harry has not suffered enough
c. Because, obviously, they are all three of them of distant keen and in their heart of hearts, they really love each other
d. Who the Hell cares? Get a life, crazy fangirl. *whack*
e. Dumbledore is a whack, ten thousands times more dangerous than Voldemort can ever hope to be (sorry, Voldie) if only because he has such a great alibi. Plus, he a freakin headmaster. Of a school filled with young, naiive, gullible children. See? sinister, mister.
f. F is for fun! We not thru with Voldie yet. He need two more humiliating defeats to his name by a bespeckaled, ruffled adolescent.

Ok! reel those deadended speculations in!
Everybody should see Shaolin Soccer. EVERYBODY.
hey fellow talents. if anyone is or knows any good (or passably good) writers, hook me up and we'll make some comic or animation bit. Over.
Hey if anyone has recent info about the psychological state of the artist please send here because my mom came across a tear jerking russian article that states that he might be in serious financial trouble because of the trial and that friends hinsted that he may end his life due to serious emotional damage. Now, I personally don't believe him capable of doing anything remotely damaging to children, who are (as his whole persona has conveyed through several decades) his joy and salvation. I think that he may have slept, yes slept, with kids in his bed only out of a lack of judgement of what people who would want to take advantage of his fortune would advertise as molestation or rape. Furthermore there's a lot of pointers that indicate that the kids' testimonies have holes. I just want to know, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE??? this reminds me of the clinton episode. Two brilliant, charismatic, talented and kind men brought down shamelessly and dragged through the mud because of errors of judgement that most of us would have committed. And yet terrorists reign, Bush is sitting on his jolly ass, WHAT THE F_K IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD???