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Piltover's Finest: Kismesis
Caitlyn’s boot heels slammed into the tile with each restless step, the staccato reports that echoed off the nondescript walls of the hospital reminding her too much of those of her trusty rifle.  Even though she had it on good authority that Vi was yet among the living, the sooner she could verify the truth with her own two eyes the better.  She never did like to work off of hearsay; too much inference and not enough objectivity for her purposes.
Her grip tightened around the strap of the nearly empty duffel she toted – until she held Vi safe and sound in her arms, damn right she was going to worry.
The driving pace she maintained brought her to the outpatients’ ward in record time, where she nearly banged down the door to Vi’s room in her anxiety-fueled impatience.   The pink haired rebel turned hero hardly noted her indelicate entrance, merely glancing over from the stiff plastic chair sat next to the window.  It probably offered an elite
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Piltover's Finest: In Recognition
Piltover’s Finest:  In Recognition
Caught in the act, red-handed, in flagrante delicto, Vi froze deer-in-the-headlights style, still clutching the damning evidence in a fear-locked grip of death.  For a brittle, shocked second, she didn’t even breathe, unable to do anything other than cringe under the Sheriff’s persecuting scowl.
In the next second, Vi gathered her wits and went full-bore puppy dog eyes, cuddling the pilfered cupcake to her chest.  “Pleeeeeeease?” she begged, batting her eyelashes from under her bubblegum bangs.  If her motto weren’t already “Punch first, ask questions while punching,” it would have been “I’m too cute to lose!”
“Just.  One,” Caitlyn consented, resuming her task of carrying the last batch of cupcakes to the island countertop, kicking the oven door closed behind her.  “Or you’ll ruin your lunch—” she glanced at the kitchen clock while speaking, an
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Piltover's Finest: Discretionary Funds
Piltover’s Finest:  Discretionary Funds
“Poro Snax,” Vi grumbled, skidding into a slimy, trash-strewn alley.  The whirling dish antenna perched atop her left gauntlet re-oriented itself and pinged assertively.  “I could eat a whole bag of Poro Snax, I’m not kidding you.”
Caitlyn noted the direction which the antenna indicated, and quickened her pace, having had made the sudden turn with a sight more poise than Vi had done.  “That’s revolting,” she commented.  Surrounded by the dank, airless, moldy atmosphere of Piltover’s impoverished backstreets, she found she had lost her appetite altogether.
Not Vi, though, never Vi.  Her stomach rumbled audibly over the crunches and splashes of their footfalls through the murky passages that wound chaotically between the backs of tall, windowless buildings.  Vaulting over a dumpster with the grace of a muddy gibbon, the Enforcer crashed down on the other side through a stack of empty woode
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Piltover's Finest: Case Closed
Piltover's Finest:  Case Closed
“Stop—stop—punching—me—please!” the hired thug pleaded between punches.
“For heaven’s sake, do as the man says,” Caitlyn ordered, looking up from the paperwork Heimerdinger had just given to her.  “You can’t beat any more information out of him than he’s already supplied.”  She waved her sheaf of papers to emphasize the point.
Vi growled in response, winding up for another punch.  The man flinched back with a little yelp unbecoming of his social status.  “Who said anything about information?  This is payback.”
“For what?!” the thug exclaimed.  “I ain’t done nothin’ to you, lady!”
“You wanna try calling me ‘lady’ one more time, huh?” Vi spat back, the bolt knuckles of her gauntlet glowing red.
“Oh my,” Heimerdinger noted with some concern.  “This is i
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Piltover's Finest: Rain
Piltover's Finest:  Rain
Another one of those rainy Sunday afternoons in Piltover, the hextech lamps flickered to life in the street despite the early hour.  Their bright reflections on the pavement shattered and refracted as the Sheriff clipped through the puddles at a measured pace.  Caitlyn was no fan of the rain, bundled up in her long dark traveling coat, and all she wanted was a quiet hour or two with a strong cup of tea and a good mystery novel.  But she knew better than to expect to spend the remainder of the dark day in cozy tranquility, not when the storm was bound to have transfigured Vi into an entity most closely resembling a riotous inmate on lockdown.
Caitlyn put aside her differences with the inclement weather, choosing actually to focus on the rain, cold and steady, rather than on the disaster from which she had just come.  Her gray day off had been interrupted that morning with a call from the head office, a black market hextech trading racket had blown up overnight,
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Dr. Who Fic: It's About Time
It's About Time
He wrapped his hand around hers as he sometimes did, on occasions such as this where the (alien/)homey Tardis lay before them and a (strange/wonderful/terrifying/awkward/)grand adventure lay behind.  He didn't do it often, only when the moment was right.  In that quiet moment marking the end of one chapter before the next had yet begun.
Rose didn't mind the innocent gesture (quite the opposite, in fact) but after a moment or two of this she took a deep breath and wriggled her hand free.
The Doctor immediately turned an inquisitive look her way—his chin going down, eyebrows up—which was the reason for the steadying breath.  "Look," she said uncertainly, courage faltering now that she had his attention.  Instinctively she eyed the Tardis door.  Maybe she could still run inside and forget it and not say anything at all.
He beamed a (patronizing?  enthusiastic?) grin into her moment of hesitation. 
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Acid Tardis by Ayan-kun Acid Tardis :iconayan-kun:Ayan-kun 1 2
She Burns Like Summer
She Burns Like Summer
She comes downstairs wearing an old pair of khakis she's cut off around the knees, and one of your white A-shirts – and nothing else.  You look up, casually at first, only to have your gaze hijacked by the glory of her.  A long, solitary moment you absorb her shape and color, her sinewy movement, the way she seems to glow in the morning light.  You tear your eyes away, back to your musty tome, just in time before she catches you.  Or at least you think you do.
"It's hot," she moans – or maybe she sighs it, the words lingering on her lips in a way that makes you envious.  Either way, you feel the next beat of your heart like it was your first, the thick pulse of blood firing through every vein,  the surge and ebb burning in your capillaries, even.  You agree with her.
She falls into the chair across the small kitchen table from you in her natural way, all but draping herself across its
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You and I
Often times, you and I will follow a bitter track
Up a lonely mountain and down its thorny back
Skirting by a blackened pond which bubbles with sour rage
Across the choking desert, Mother Nature's dusty stage
Often times, you and I will struggle to carry on
Darkness crushing inwards and all the stars are gone
Every time, painfully, we stagger towards what we seek
You and I, together -- our journey is not so bleak
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Dead Reckoning
Together we hiked the snow-chilled land
The ice land, the frozen land
I tucked my hopes into the palm of his hand
And he fixed his dreams on a distant star
An ice star, a frozen star
And when I asked he said, "Not far, not far."
Halfway there he lost the track
So sullen, sodden, we turned back.
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Batman Fic: A Long Time Ago
He didn't think tonight would be the end of it all.
Then again, he never thought any night would be the end.  He was too prepared for what he did.  Of course, any night could have been the night, he wasn't one of those who see the future.  Logically, his time would come.  Eventually he would have to come across someone too strong or too fast or too smart or just too laden with cheap super powers.  
But when he didn't think about it so logically, the fact remained that he never truly believed that it would end at all.
This night didn't seem so different from other nights.  Actually, if he had wanted, he could have recalled a whole handful of nights that had progressed with mundane similarity.  Perhaps since none of those nights had been the end, he felt that this one would reach a conventional conclusion.  Logical, really.
But he wasn't thinking about those other nights, or about the way he didn't think toni
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MDMB Tie-Dye by Ayan-kun MDMB Tie-Dye :iconayan-kun:Ayan-kun 7 2 Five Foot Tall Dylan Poster by Ayan-kun Five Foot Tall Dylan Poster :iconayan-kun:Ayan-kun 0 0
I'm sorry if I seem so strange
like everything about me's changed
Liked quicker than the fading dawn
the "good ol' days" have finally gone.
And I'm this stranger you see on the street
And you think to yourself "I gotta meet that person
Or is it that we've already met?"
You see I'm not that person I was before
the one you met in that Blockbuster store
or have known for months or years or more
That me has frankly gone away
Replaced by what you see today.
And even today's isn't really me--
There's still someone out there I'm supposed to be.
If the one you see makes you a bit upset
please understand I'm not there yet.
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All together now by Ayan-kun All together now :iconayan-kun:Ayan-kun 3 0 LIGHT IT UP by Ayan-kun LIGHT IT UP :iconayan-kun:Ayan-kun 0 0

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The above is a link to a Kickstarter campaign to fund an online anime style RPG style free to play poker game.  With like, unlockable stuff and level ups!!  My friends have been working very hard on this (and I've been working on it, but for fun), and we'd appreciate any time or $$ you might feel willing to spend on it. 

That's all.  Carry on.

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