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Happy New Year by Ayamegusa Happy New Year :iconayamegusa:Ayamegusa 2 0 ... by Ayamegusa ... :iconayamegusa:Ayamegusa 19 11 Sailor Moon by Ayamegusa Sailor Moon :iconayamegusa:Ayamegusa 10 5
My Darling Guardian Angel -6
The characters of Inuyasha (manga and anime) belong to Takahashi Rumiko
My Darling Guardian Angel – 6
The clock struck at exactly six o'clock  in the morning, enough time for Kouga to awaken, stretch out his arms, yawn, and still have enough energy to sneak out the door of his single room without waking his two other occupants. He tip-toed across the hallway, but jumped when his landlady, Kaede, opened the door to her apartment.
"Good morning, Kouga. You're up early. That Inuyasha demon still giving you trouble? I'm very good at exorcising demons. He wouldn't know what hit him."
"Please, Kaede, not today. I just want to have a normal day today."
"But you would if only you would let me stick a few ofuda in your room."
"Bye, Kaede," he shouted in reply, grabbing a few pieces of toast from his landlady before dashing down the stairs. As far as he was concerned, he wasn't in the mood to have the demon awaken just so that said demon could cause another day of chaos. He had already expe
:iconayamegusa:Ayamegusa 3 2
The Stalker by Ayamegusa The Stalker :iconayamegusa:Ayamegusa 74 29 The Mikado and Daughter-in-Law elect by Ayamegusa The Mikado and Daughter-in-Law elect :iconayamegusa:Ayamegusa 18 13 Lazing about by Ayamegusa Lazing about :iconayamegusa:Ayamegusa 73 9
The Diary of Izayoi -2
The characters of Inuyasha (manga and anime) belong to Takahashi Rumiko
The Diary of Izayoi – 2
A hard rap on the shoji door startled the young hime, Izayoi to awaken. Yawning, she stretched her arms, the knocks on the door becoming more frantic, which was then joined by a female voice calling out to her for attention.
"Izayoi-hime, Izayoi-hime," the servant cried out as she burst into the room. "I have to get you ready as quickly as possible. You're expected at the royal chambers."
Hurriedly, the servant forcibly dressed Izayoi in the most luxurious of silk kimono, the action causing her great surprise, as something like this was only warranted for the most special of occasions.
Oh no… All her fears were realised when she entered the chamber through the sliding doors, this time with no screen to hide behind from the man she laid her eyes upon, no screen to hide her body from shaking. Even the many layers of silks which clothed the hime, felt too transparent to hide th
:iconayamegusa:Ayamegusa 3 11
Mature content
Buck's Night :iconayamegusa:Ayamegusa 5 3
Inuyasha - demon by Ayamegusa Inuyasha - demon :iconayamegusa:Ayamegusa 25 8 Sango - demon PA by Ayamegusa Sango - demon PA :iconayamegusa:Ayamegusa 8 5 Brothers by Ayamegusa Brothers :iconayamegusa:Ayamegusa 60 21
My Darling Guardian Angel - 5
The characters of Inuyasha (manga and anime) belong to Takahashi Rumiko
My Darling Guardian Angel – 5
It was a new day, and it was also Kagome and Inuyasha's first day working as a team looking after their charge, Kouga Ookami, who still lay sleeping under his warm futon, unaware that it was a school day, and the small fact that he was going to be late if he did not wake up soon.
The young angel was the first to awaken with a horrified gasp. After many years of school, she was used to an early schedule, so when she realised that it was a little passed eight o' clock in the morning, it took another few seconds to realise that it was not she who was going to be late for school.
"Oh my goodness!" she exclaimed. "Mr Kouga, wake up, wake up, you're going to be late for school!" When she saw the boy only move and mumble, and yet refuse to open his eyes, Kagome turned her attentions towards the demon, her calls becoming more frantic when Inuyasha also refused to awaken.
"I'm not going to
:iconayamegusa:Ayamegusa 1 3
In the Rain by Ayamegusa In the Rain :iconayamegusa:Ayamegusa 56 16
Kagome's Dream
The characters of Inuyasha (manga and anime) belong to Takahashi Rumiko
Kagome's Dream
In Kagome's mind, it had started out as a normal day. She had spent three days concentrating only in school work, with her nose in her textbooks, desperately trying to memorise every mathematical equation her brain was able to handle. It was a struggle; however she just managed to pass her exam to not have to worry about it until the next time.
Fiddling with her back pack, she thought it strange that Inuyasha was not there waiting for her at the well house, something which she found odd, because the hanyou always had this thing about being there on the appointed day she was due to return.
She didn't think too much about it, as she climbed down the vines to enter the Sengoku jidai, again finding it somewhat puzzling that he wasn't there to greet her with his usual expression of pretending not to care about anything.
"Where is he?" she suddenly began to wonder, finding her feet moving on their own towa
:iconayamegusa:Ayamegusa 17 23
Smile by Ayamegusa Smile :iconayamegusa:Ayamegusa 13 2

Random Favourites

Must Have One
Must Have One. . .
By Inu Hanyou Nikkie
Disclaimer : I do not own nor make any monies off of Inuyasha and the gang. No, that pleasure completely belongs to the Goddess Rumiko Takahashi. I am only using them for pure entertainment value.
Must Have One . . . .
Everyone was completely bored out of their collective minds that week during their usual shard/Naraku hunt. Without Shippou around to keep the Inu hanyou occupied at times by running off his excessive energy, Inuyasha was a proverbially power plant of nervous and fidgety energy. He yelled, he huffed, and he leapt up into trees only to jump back down. He would race away only to return then he would fidget only to repeat the process.
Kagome was very, very tempted to pick up that stick on the ground resting beside her and just throw it as hard and as far as she could into some bushes just so they could have a small break. Or she was going to break her promise of only using the rosary for important reasons:
:iconinuhanyou:InuHanyou 14 60
Little Drummer Hanyou by TheIjiness Little Drummer Hanyou :icontheijiness:TheIjiness 27 3 Inuyasha: Stolen Sweetness by InuyashaKagome12 Inuyasha: Stolen Sweetness :iconinuyashakagome12:InuyashaKagome12 43 7 Inuyasha: Nakajima-style by waiwaiwai Inuyasha: Nakajima-style :iconwaiwaiwai:waiwaiwai 372 53
Mature content
Save Me, Heal Me, Hold Me :icondoggieearlover:doggieearlover 124 132
Play It Again, Glottis by Lord-Of-The-Guns Play It Again, Glottis :iconlord-of-the-guns:Lord-Of-The-Guns 112 53 Los Angelitos - Grim Fandango by ZombiDJ Los Angelitos - Grim Fandango :iconzombidj:ZombiDJ 161 72 Cockatiel N Budgie Love by dann1i Cockatiel N Budgie Love :icondann1i:dann1i 241 55 Curious budgie by scopezor Curious budgie :iconscopezor:scopezor 611 138 Inuyasha : behind curtain by 10721 Inuyasha : behind curtain :icon10721:10721 120 53 Fendora by UndineCandi Fendora :iconundinecandi:UndineCandi 4 41
She couldn't believe that she was about to do this. He'd finally confessed his feelings for her, but they'd been interrupted before she could kiss him. She silently closed the door to her room, careful to make not a sound to awaken the hanyou asleep on her bed. She crept towards him, uncertain if this was a good idea. The decision was made for her as he suddenly reached out and pulled her on top of him.
"What'cha doin'?"
"Sneaking up on you."
"Trying to scare me?"
"Trying to kiss you."
InuYasha smiled as she lowered her mouth to his.
:icondoggieearlover:doggieearlover 22 32
URUSEI na. by br3nna URUSEI na. :iconbr3nna:br3nna 55 17
Don't Cry Sango by IHN
Don't Cry Sango
By Inu Hanyou Nikkie
Don't Cry Sango
Be strong where I am weak.
Don't let the sunlight dim from your eyes
Let not dark clouds shadow your face.
Smile for me even when I am gone
Never doubt my love for you.
Hold me tight in your embrace
Kiss me with the waters of passion
Love me like no other
Move with me in the eternal dance
Heal me with your touches
Break me with a look
Destroy me with a word
But never give up on me.
Do not cry Sango
As the evening awakes
And the sun of our time sets.
Think only of the days
That we shared
The smiles we passed
The tenderness not seen
Even by the closest friends
Remember me as I am now
Not who I will be in the future.
Forget the man of the past
The reality in here and now
No uncertainties
No fears
No insecurities
I Fight for you
I Cherish you
I Live for you
I love only you
I bleed for you
. . .  and I die for you.
:iconinuhanyou:InuHanyou 11 67
Inuyasha bath by Terrysoul Inuyasha bath :iconterrysoul:Terrysoul 162 16 Among Butterflies by Shizuka-no-Ame Among Butterflies :iconshizuka-no-ame:Shizuka-no-Ame 177 25


Wishing you guys all the happiness and good luck for the coming year.


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