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:target: Bonjour deviants!

This past weekend, deviantART teamed up with DeviantMEET-Paris to host a deviantMEET that ultimately yielded over 250 deviant attendees!  As you may have read in the latest Site Update, our Devious Technology, Product, and Product Marketing teams are currently in France -- participating in a staff retreat, that has everyone working hard to improve and optimize many key areas of deviantART.  On Saturday, June 9th, we took a small break from our discussions and traveled to the City of Light to meet and mingle with Parisian deviants.  Here's a quick recap of the day's events!

We met at Mécano Bar, where we were welcomed by early arriving attendees and current/former Community Volunteers -- including AnaNaszynska, and Anoya, namenotrequired and FritsPlays, who traveled all the way from The Netherlands! 

We also met with SaTaNiA and ZeldaDreams, who are key organizers of DeviantMEET-Paris, and were instrumental in making this meet a success. Thanks to their amazing planning and French-to-English translation skills, we were able to host a truly devious party.

After setting out sketchbooks and markers, deviants quickly began filling the pages with deviously colorful drawings.

deviantart meeting draw in collaboration by atsumimag   deviantart meeting in working by atsumimag  XI. deviant artists in action Official devMEET 12 by ArikaRinkishika

Paris Official devMEET 2012-42 by Yousry-Aref

Sketching activities became so intense that a drawing battle broke out between Hasur-Arts, Spacesam, JR-T, and choptider. It was a tough fight, but the result is nothing less than amazing!

Drawing Battle Devmeet paris(9Juin2012)HD 300 dpi by choptider
Photo credit: choptider

As the day rolled on, the Mécano Bar became packed to the brim with deviants! Photos were taken, sketchbooks were proudly exhibited, usernames exchanged, and new friends acquired. Not to mention, all deviants in attendance received a deviantART lanyard and a handful of stickers!  Extra lucky deviants even went home with a Fella or Llama plushie!

deviantart meeting gift goodies! by atsumimag  Paris Official devMEET 2012-26 by Yousry-Aref  Paris Official devMEET 2012-25 by Yousry-Aref 

Paris Official devMEET 2012-2 by Yousry-Aref
Paris Official dM 2 - 10 by ZeldaDreams
Paris Official devMEET 2012-6 by Yousry-Aref  Paris Official devMEET 2012-9 by Yousry-Aref  Paris Official dM 2 - 14 by ZeldaDreams
Photo credit: atsumimag, Yousry-Aref, and ZeldaDreams

While talking with attendees about all things deviantART, we received a lot of great feedback about what you like and what can be improved on deviantART. Many of our developers were able to hear comments and suggestions firsthand about the features they helped build. We even showed off some brand new features! :eyes:

Despite photobombing bus drivers and only having a small alley in which to take a group photo, Yousry-Aref captured this incredible shot of just some of our attendees! Many of the photos from the deviantMEET came from Yousry-Aref, so many thanks to him for being an excellent photographer.

Paris Official devMEET 2012 by Yousry-Aref

:eager: Longing for more deviantMEETS?

If you live in the Paris area and want to participate in more deviantMEETS, be sure to check out and join the DeviantMEET-Paris group! SaTaNiA and ZeldaDreams are wonderful hosts who hold Paris deviantMEETS monthly.  You won't be disappointed!

:pencil: Your Journals

Having a hard time believing that so much fun was had?  Don't take our word for it.  Check out these journals by attendees to see what they had to say about the event!  (If you have written a journal about the meet or plan to in the near future, please let us know by commenting in this journal and we'll make sure you get added to the list.)

If you have any deviations from the event that you would like to share, please add them to this Favorites folder in the DeviantMEET-Paris group! 

:sherlock: Until next time!

Merci beaucoup to everyone who attended! We had a fantastic time and can't wait for our next European meet. In fact, there may be one in the near future.

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