Upgrade Your Space Contest!

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Deviation Actions

20 Winners will receive the Framed Fine Art Print they chose, up to 20"x30"!**

30 Runner-Ups will each receive 800 deviantART Points and a one-month Premium Membership.

** Subject to deviantART's Print review process.

The 20 Winners and 30 Runner-Ups will be chosen by full-time deviantART staff.

All entries will be judged on the following criteria with whatever weight the judges determine:

  • Reason given for the Print selection
  • Overall impact on the living space shown in the entry
  • Creative consistency in the space in which the Print will be placed

Official Rules
Submit Your Entry
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We all have areas of our living space that need a little love.  Perhaps it's an old painting hanging in your living room that's a little faded, or a ripped poster above your bed from your formerly favorite band.  Whatever it is, we want to see!  Whether you're looking to replace something that already exists or add to an empty wall, deviantART wants to upgrade your space!

Enter our contest by October 25, 2012, and be sure to look for winners to be announced on October 29th -- just in time for the beginning of deviantART's Free Shipping Event on Prints and deviantART Gear!

  • Show us what you want upgraded! Take a photo of the place where you live that could use a little sprucing up.
  • Visit the deviantART Prints Shop to select a qualified Framed Fine Art Print* that you'd like for your art upgrade.
  • Upload your photo to the Upgrade Your Space contest category. Include a link to your chosen qualified Framed Fine Art Print* in the deviation description and, in at least one sentence, describe why this is the perfect art upgrade. No photo editing required!

* Consult the Official Rules for the meaning of "qualified Framed Fine Art Print"

  • Entry must be received by 11:59:59 PM (Los Angeles, CA, USA time) on October 25, 2012 and must be submitted to the Contest gallery on www.deviantart.com;
  • Entrants must be members of deviantART and at least 13 years old to participate. Residents of any country are eligible. Membership to deviantART is free;
  • Entries must be submitted in a single JPG or PNG file;
  • Entries must be a photograph. Photograph must be of the place where you live;
  • Fan art, art that includes prominent corporate or product logos, or any other content that violates deviantART's policies (such as material that is not original to the artist offering the Print) may not be selected as a Print upgrade;
  • You must provide in the deviation description when you upload your entry a link to the Print desired to better the space, as well as a reason for why the Print is desired;
  • You may submit more than one entry, but only one entry per entrant may be chosen as a winner.

In preparation for the Free Shipping Event, check out the Prints Shop and deviantART T-Shirts and Gear to pick out your favorite pieces. Add them to your Wishlist, update your mailing address to be prepared for a showering of gifts, browse your friends' Wishlists, and get ready to spread the Free Shipping joy October 29th - November 2nd!

© 2012 - 2021 Ayame-Kenoshi
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jonashley69's avatar
Thanks so much deviantart...Just got it today and it rocks!
Ayame-Kenoshi's avatar
jonashley69's avatar
Thanks again...what a great contest it was!
paperthin-z's avatar
I chose a Doctor Who art. [link] but I don't know if that violates the rules. Technically it's fanart, but it's done completely by the artist.
LadySeshiiria's avatar
Yeah the is technically. lol anyway I really like your choice. I thought that was a really cool picture too.
ZippingMeteor's avatar
Hate to say this but as you said, it's fan art. That means it would violate the rules according to the fifth bullet point in the rules above.
CAVIII's avatar
Last minute work!
sparks1992's avatar
dose it have to be Starfish by `foureyes; immobilization by `werol; ALL'S RIGHT WITH THE WORLD by *HR-FM; Beginnings by `alicexz; glow by `loish; All the children are insane by *moodSwing08 or can it be any fineart print because i noticed some entrys show other prints?
ZippingMeteor's avatar
It can be any framed fine art print. The prints you see above are simply examples of some offered to help make the contest page more interesting.
sparks1992's avatar
ZippingMeteor's avatar
zodiadark's avatar
i want to enter!
peanut1981's avatar
Maiko-Girl's avatar
My entry has now been submitted and im happy this contest is open for all countries,not just for people located in the USA!
SnorkellingMoose's avatar
are we allowed to submit more than one entry?
ZippingMeteor's avatar
You can enter as many times as you want but naturally can only win once.
SnorkellingMoose's avatar
so can we prioritise the ones we want to get if more than one are chosen?
ZippingMeteor's avatar
If you happen to win one of the framed prints then you'll win the one you linked to on whatever entry the judges pick. You can't change what print you want after the fact.
JessRath's avatar
I figured it out, I'm so silly.
JessRath's avatar
Hey this will be your most stupid question but I don't know how to get the link of the picture I want in the description??:-?
LaceWingedSaby's avatar
Hello, I've submitted yesterday my entry, but due an internet connection's problem seems like if I've submitted two times the same thing. I hope to not be kicked out because of this problem :(
Currently in my gallery there is only one submission but browsing into the entries there are two identical u.u
I don't know how to solve it and I really hope that my submission will not be deleted only for this.
Thank you in advance.

P.S. Sorry for my bad English ^^;
Ayame-Kenoshi's avatar
If you'd like to delete one of the entries, check out FAQ #72: How do I edit or delete my deviation or scrap submissions? . :)
LaceWingedSaby's avatar
Yeah I know that but in my gallery there is only one submission, the problem is visible while browsing all the dA members'entries for this contest: there are two submissions. Maybe it's only a dA bug? o.o
However thank you so much for your kind help :)
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