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In the Train Your Brain Contest, deviantART and The Art Department (TAD) challenged you to submit your work in one of the five disciplines offered by TAD: Illustration, Drawing and Painting, Animation, Entertainment 2D, and Entertainment 3D. Your assignments were reviewed by the world-renowned artists who teach as TAD faculty, and the grades are in! The following Semi-Finalists represent the top work chosen in each category. A final review will be made, and the 31 prize winners in each category will be announced shortly!

Be sure to head to TheArtDept for more information about TAD's programs and faculty! At TheArtDept, you'll find free lessons, in-depth sessions with award-winning instructors, and inspiring artwork created by TAD students and faculty alike. 

Congratulations to all!


:thumb341106276: future by ALEXAst M.F.A. by jpacer On the Beach by jpacer sezione aurea by matman8 Carnivorous plant by DangMyLinh:thumb340821653: Sleep Walkers graphic novel cover by EllenBarkin Lady Murder by Somnicide Rain Dance by DylanPierpont:thumb340988165::thumb340787936::thumb340789841: deep inside somewhere... by thuyngan Grimms' Fairy Tales by natia11 folklore/conceptcover/trainyourbrain/illustration by ani67 printemps-automne by simonleclerc0738062 The Pacifier - Train your brain by Elderscroller Flame off by Greg-Opalinski Reflect by Greg-Opalinski Derelict by SeaMonkey1:thumb340343842: L'Absinthe by ViridRain Aunt Augustine's hobby by Dwaer Entrance to the map by edgarinvoker Escort by Fieldweeble Powder Days by johnstiles The Summoning by depingo Encompassed by JadeMerien Desinence by kellymckernan Jail Bird by heycalebmorris a story about anyone - page 01 by PointLineArea:thumb338585118: Lord of the flies by yumitaphilea Mandrill on Fire by jonomarks Peter and Wendy by lizpulido Johnny Appleseed vs. The War of 1812 by heycalebmorris:thumb337789106::thumb337596870: Pied Piper by feverish002 Perseverance by JenniferHealy The Old Man and the Sea by johnstiles

Mature Content

Night of the living Geek by yakonusuke
The Collector by yakonusuke Vintage Self Portrait by KristinaGehrmann Defend Your Nuts by Wildweasel339 The Lamentation of Gahl by skdiesel Femto - Griffith Reborn by luffie Contempt Pg1 - UPDATED - by cinderscar Walls Have Ears by amircatic

Drawing and Painting

Irish House by jpacer Dream Glade Metta by SimonHaiduk2 personal_demon by WhoAmI01 Nelson the cat by EllenBarkin Marmelade by EllenBarkin In the Morning by jpacer Rossnowlaugh by jpacer Fall by adamtanart Apples by EllenBarkin Chris by DRPR:thumb340789432: Twins. by cameronasao bar by natia11 Harvest Time by Acrylicdreams 8 by malik4181 the girl in the coffee shop by sonsou earth giant by htkpeh:thumb340342170: Etropole monastery (pyrography) by KGK-92 He Set Me Dreaming by darkcornersofmymind:thumb340061592: bears by kian02 Artist Portrait by kithleal Blue Ribbon by artofmaxielee:thumb339367276: Self Three (Train Your Brain - Contest) by alexracu Blue Koi digital painting by Rosane-Chawi The Last One by tskov Wandering Across A Borrowed Belief by mynameistran Temple contest submission by mutiny-in-the-air woman Russian style by Chukgert Rooftops by Vablo Waiting by radakratchanova Silence in Hell by Blacleria Revenge of the sea by IG000R Shops in Bukit Mertajam, Penang, Malaysia by ignatiusyeo Glossy Chair still life by dkdelicious:thumb337041120::thumb337011192: Chronometer as study in the mechanics of time by 21stCenturyDamocles Time Past by algaegoblin Question by balazsbacsi An Early Ifugao Morning by axis000:thumb335831197: Palermo 1820 by KristinaGehrmann:thumb285616653: Rising Sun: Arigato by ashiong coffee and fruit by Flrmprtrix:thumb331574302: Minha Vaquinha by RaynerAlencar


Dancing deer by gaalav :thumb341142914::thumb103002375: Snoozing owl by s4yo The bamboo dance (Check Description for the Link!) by Evaty :thumb338811909::thumb339558691::thumb340998025: :thumb340093510: About a girl and a little robot by sssashimi Pantomime by TheLidiaLab The Escape by 1andonlyEviLAnGeL:thumb340975556::thumb341029277: :thumb341036196: :thumb341127724: Waiting for Perrito by ANDRESCOUTURIER :thumb341057580:
Processing Film
God Blessed by mintwinter:thumb341047034:

Entertainment 2D

River Alley by yinteck:thumb340345296: Dull Blade by ianllanas Shores of Madness by ianllanas Creature Portraits by TylerScarlet Time Busters_Train your brain by strenerus Explore by yinteck whats that? by htkpeh Naga by katyillustrates:thumb339085033: Colonel is back by HiepHD Mole Monster by MattKatz:thumb340431924::thumb340131513: Sun Fish Concept by yinteck:thumb340791556::thumb339930824: One piece of the slum by DangMyLinh Zombie Gladiator by yinteck:thumb340441385: Secondhand market by DangMyLinh Operation by DangMyLinh Happy moving house #1 by DangMyLinh:thumb338571933: Tang Lang by yinteck Happy Moving house #2 by DangMyLinh The Slum by DangMyLinh techno organic flying lizard by htkpeh Mountain Fight by michifromkmk:thumb340185941: DangMyLinh by DangMyLinh Port Banks- Stevie's Neighbourhood by yakonusuke:thumb341094753: Fox Shaman by artoftas FOR THE GLORY!! by ShadCarlos Fungus Valley by Elderscroller Crystal Forest by KlausPillon:thumb340719357::thumb339846609: Pillars by merl1ncz:thumb341003746::thumb341003887: Blackhorn by Manikk Ruins Temple by windboi:thumb339488429::thumb340974083::thumb340974860: Laputa's world by DangMyLinh:thumb340431817: Airborn - Ice Setting 3 - Bramble by acapulc0

Entertainment 3D

Bareboned by jocreation:thumb341130718:'T Bootje - The Five Continents by Kouru17ULU Man by zongdatdo811Warrior by zigrapherThat toon girl by LunarPacifier:thumb340798591:Motorcycle 4way by DevonAGViking by zongdatdo811My Dream Car by duowlaHelex 3D by Prateek-MathurThe Successor by smallsketchJade Samurai by BadLukArtAvengers Challange Widow Tron by Graxious:thumb326901741:Robots 3 views by GraxiousGasStation 768 1024 by 3djockInanimalia 2.0 by En-Vysion:thumb341121753:Khonec by TheOrckidraniPokhari by nayansthaAdomant 3d Render by Noomeci-artMotorcycle for contest by Kouru17Self-Portrait Bust by LunarPacifier:thumb340884144:T'Ren by phanthanhtrucWinged Beast Concept by Heliot8Bug Concept by Heliot8Dinogon concept by Heliot8Chopper by AleXM79Cowboy hut by Dushyant20b:thumb340799909:Priest digital sculpture by zigrapherTupo Ship by BangtuyPhongZoe- ready to take on the Zombie hordes. by wearesculptorGriffin by NoxiiMonster in Random (Unknown creature) by akosiartOldMan by zongdatdo811:thumb340432833:Pumpkin Hulk Game Model by liamslackofsurpriseDemon 3d by jafaimeBoy + Dinos by OlivierBrissonFuturistic air-vehicle landing by ZelfitCat by MilishWidow Tron Portrait by GraxiousIngol - God of All Existing by ZelfitUnderground Command Centre by conanhsiehMy Train Your Brain Challenge Entry by newhereShanon by olluna3D Music Channel by florescu

Please note: If during the Finalist judging, any one of the Semi-Finalists becomes ineligible or is disqualified under the Official Rules, the Semi-Finalist judges will replace the disqualified entry with a new selection to be considered by the final judges.

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The list of winners has been put here: [link]
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