MAMA Scared Stiff Contest Winners

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The winners have arrived! We sent the 25 most terrifying Semi-Finalists to judges and MAMA filmmakers Andy & Barbara Muschietti and Guillermo del Toro, and they felt your fears come to life through the entries. Now our deviantART judges won't be the only ones sleeping with a night light!
Read the judges' comments below and see the top three deviations that struck terror in the hearts of our judges. Each of our winners will be taking home terrific prize packages including cash and Points!
WOW!!!! the level of work is outstanding!!!!! We are in shock! Have the feeling that childhood fears resonate quite strongly in the heads of these amazing artists. We are absolutely impressed by the skill, originality and hours, days, poured into these pieces.
$5,000 USD  •  8,000 deviantART Points  •  DeviantART Hoodie of Winner's Choice*  •  dA PRO Digital Artist Backpack  •  A Print of Winner's choice from*  •  One-Year Premium Membership to deviantART
$3,500 USD  •  4,000 deviantART Points  •  DeviantART T-Shirt of Winner's Choice*  •  Six-Month Premium Membership to deviantART
$1,500 USD  •  4,000 deviantART Points  •  DeviantART T-Shirt of Winner's Choice*  •  Six-Month Premium Membership to deviantART
* Depending on sizes and subject to availability. Maximum value: $250.00 USD.

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LightsourceHero's avatar
i missed the movie and contest
Dark-Aii's avatar
Why is the 1st winner account deactivated ?
Does that mean QuinneCL took the $5,000 USD, then ran away? Or did DeviantArt remove it's account permanently for reasons we don't know ?
This contest looks rigged. Or at the very least, very, very unfair.
INSTAAWIN's avatar
2ND PLACE should have been 1ST---

not only because of the terrifying chill factor of the image but this artist used incredible foreshortening/perspectives and angles and the amount of time put into the lighting and shadowing-- overall should have trumped "so-called" first place 
Enolee's avatar
Don't see why 1st place is 1st. No offence. I just thought some others were a lot more better. I guess I'm no judge. But that's just my opinion. D:
I love 2nd though.
1-2-3-CARTILAGE's avatar
Well, the second drawing almost seems
too realistic (?)
While the second image does portray a terrifying and monstrous spawn of satan, the first one seems to covey the sheer terror in a very simple- but still eerie image.
TheMagicalFailWhale's avatar
I agree with you completely! 
longlovevegeta's avatar
Because it's actually very creative/original while being very simple - that's not easy to pull off, congrats to the winner. The runner up's piece is incredible though, especially technique wise.
ButtonCreator's avatar
Yeah original to the 1st place,but the 2nd one sent chills down my spine vs the 1st one. This is a scare competition not a originality competition. :I
longlovevegeta's avatar
Sure it's a "scare competition" but that's not what the judges were using for the judging criteria, I'm pretty sure originality and creative interpretation was on the top of the list

I can almost guarantee the second entry scored very high on technical artistic skill though :)
Aria-Rea's avatar
That's my opinion too. I like 2nd place more because it's much scarier and creepier and it looks like much more effort.
Funkygame's avatar
i just dont get why is film called mama?
Brit-Jack's avatar
if you watch the movie you'll understand why, trust me (:
Funkygame's avatar
I know now why,but for me it is not too scary.... :)
Celer-Mortalis-095's avatar
I thought it was more creepy than actually scary. =)
Funkygame's avatar
Yeah, that is the word im looking for, creepy XD
MiyuDoLLy's avatar
can someone send me the link to the 25 Semi-Finalists? I can't find them. Thx
MiyuDoLLy's avatar
Thank you very much!!
Ame-Kunoichi's avatar
Amazing and truly outstanding!! Congratulations :)

It would be awesome more contest like this.
AndrewVAtomic's avatar
I would have liked it better if entries were not allowed the use of digital media, or at least that they divided winners in different categories because there is an unfair advantage to those who have professional art programs while others have only gimp.
blakeleyborensart's avatar
It's not the medium that makes an artist. Give an amateur a quality art program and they will still produce the work of an amateur. Give a professional nothing more than a pencil and they will still produce the work of a professional.
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