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What would Halloween be without letting loose your creative juices? (Quite literally!) One of Halloween's favorite pastimes is creating fun imagery in the flesh of a vegetable — pumpkins to be precise. For this year's Halloween spook-tacular, we want you to show off your carving skills!

  • First, grab a pumpkin or any fruit or vegetable. Any size, any shape, any color will do. If you can't find a pumpkin, you may use whatever fruit or vegetable you'd like! Feel free to pick something that can be found in your local area.
  • Second, carve to your heart's desire. Create a frightening face, a spooky scene, an eerie emote, or a silly self-portrait! Make something scary, make something merry, or make something that's merrily scary. The design is completely up to you.
  • Third, take a photo of your work and upload it to our contest gallery. Share your bone-chilling design with everyone.
Submit Work Here Check out =chaoskomori and =EarthBerry example carvings above for inspiration.
  • A decked out, one-of-a-kind, custom made pumpkin trophy
  • 1 deviantWEAR hoodie + shirt of the deviant's choice (subject to availability)
  • 8,000 deviantART Points
  • Complete Emoticon Stress Balls Set
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MinorasPatchworkArt's avatar
Karaakai's avatar
I dont even care who won any more. This is retarted lol.
the-third-twin's avatar
this is taking the piss now, how long does it take. I've looked at all of the entries and I've passed my own judgement on who should have won.
Ayame-Kenoshi's avatar
the-third-twin's avatar
woohoo! i didn't win though :( but i'm glad the winners were announced.
csaba1976's avatar
if it takes too long to name the winners, nobody even cares about who won...
halloween is long time over now, and the contest too
ryancaronongan's avatar
So who won this thing?
Ayame-Kenoshi's avatar
Is this contest going to happen next year?
Laiku's avatar
Maybe we see the results on Halloween next year :P
Ayame-Kenoshi's avatar
StevenLeonCooper's avatar
I think this is the longest time I've ever seen a contest judging go. It's probably not THE longest but definitely for me.

I guess since this was a deviantArt-only contest with not big money prizes it's not a huge deal ...
ChervenkovaM's avatar
I hope i win something but if i don't it doesn't matter^^ after all this is my first time carving a pumpkin :)
But when are we going to see the results???? :(
Ayame-Kenoshi's avatar
manny1212's avatar
really wanna win lol :) but mine was done wih a knife an no fancy tools so I have no chance :(
A--Anthony's avatar
I find most tools I've seen specifically sold for pumpkin-carving are relatively useless, I'd suggest a cheap pack of woodcarving tools from the local crafts store, costs only a tad more than the pumpkin-carving tools and works surprisingly well, especially for parts where you are taking off just the rind without cutting all the way through ;) Plus the tools are much more durable :D
manny1212's avatar
That's a good idea for next year :D
snerk's avatar
A lot of us use really basic art tools. Like A--Anthony mentioned, there is no reason to buy a pumpkin carving set. Clay sculpting loops, exacto knives, and linoleum cutters work like gangbusters, and all are inexpensive and available at any art supply store. Just keep in mind, elaborate pumpkin carving is like any other skill. It takes time and practice to get good at it when you want to go beyond your standard jack-o-lantern.
manny1212's avatar
We're not massive on halloween, the only reason I carved the pumpkin was for the comp, so I didn't really feel the need to but any extra stuff.
JAMsEye's avatar
I used a mechanical ice cream spoon. Ice creams in summer, pumpkins in autumn ;) .
AmastaciaJadescion's avatar
I used a carving kit last year for my pumpkin... it was horrible... this year I just used a cheap Xacto knife, and it was infinatly easier and came out far better. (I think it was 3$ at Wal*Mart)
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